Died in 1461

Feb 4 Owen Tudor a Welsh soldier and courtier, descended from a daughter of the Welsh prince Rhys ap Gruffudd, "Lord Rhys". However, Owen Tudor is particularly remembered for his role in founding England's Tudor dynasty – including his relationship with, and his secret marriage to, Catherine of France, widow of King Henry V of England
Feb 7 John Grey of Groby a Lancastrian knight, the first husband of Elizabeth Woodville who later married King Edward IV of England, and great-great-grandfather of Lady Jane Grey.
Mar 28 John Clifford 9th Baron de Clifford a Lancastrian military leader during the Wars of the Roses. For a time he was one of the strongest supporters of King Henry VI's Queen, Margaret of Anjou
Mar 29 Henry Percy 3rd Earl of Northumberland an English magnate.
Apr 8 Georg von Peuerbach an Austrian astronomer, mathematician and instrument maker, best known for his streamlined presentation of Ptolemaic Astronomy in the Theoricae Novae Planetarum.
May 15 Domenico Veneziano an Italian painter of the early Renaissance, active mostly in Perugia and Tuscany.
Jul 5 Otto I Count Palatine of Mosbach the Count Palatine of Mosbach from 1410 until 1448, and the Count Palatine of Mosbach-Neumarkt from 1448 until 1461.
Jul 10 Stephen Thomas of Bosnia a member of the House of Kotromanić who reigned as the penultimate King of Bosnia from 1443 until his death. He succeeded his kinsman, Stephen Tvrtko II, but was not recognized as king by the kingdom's leading nobleman, Stjepan Vukčić Kosača. The two engaged in a civil war which ended with the King's marriage to the insubordinate nobleman's daughter Catherine. His reign was marked by conflicts with the Serbian Despotate and the Ottoman Empire. Stephen Thomas is perhaps best known as the first ruler of Bosnia who engaged in religious persecution. He was succeeded by his son, Stephen Tomašević, but the Kingdom fell to the Ottomans within two years
Jul 22 Charles VII of France a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 1422 to his death, although his legitimacy was initially contested by Henry VI of England.
Sep 21 Sophia of Halshany a Lithuanian princess of Halshany. As the fourth and last wife of Jogaila, King of Poland and Supreme Duke of Lithuania, she was Queen consort of Poland. As the mother of Władysław III, King of Poland and Hungary, and Casimir IV, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, she was the founder of the Jagiellon dynasty
Sep 23 Charles Prince of Viana the son of King John II of Aragon and Queen Blanche I of Navarre.
Oct 7 Jean Poton de Xaintrailles one of the chief lieutenants of Joan of Arc. He served as master of the royal stables, as royal bailiff in Berry and as seneschal of Limousin. In 1454 he was appointed a Marshal of France. Jean Poton was a leading figure on the French side in the Hundred Years War
Dec 15 Afonso Duke of Braganza the first Duke of Braganza and the eighth Count of Barcelos. He would start a dynasty, the House of Braganza, that would end up being the most powerful and wealthy in all of Portugal. His descendents would go on to become high-ranking nobles, imperial officials, and even the Kings of Portugal and the Emperors of Brazil