1468 in history

1468 events chronologically

Nov 3 Liège is sacked by Charles I of Burgundy's troops

Born in 1468

Feb 14 Johannes Werner a German parish priest in Nuremberg and a mathematician. His primary work was in astronomy, mathematics, and geography, although he was also considered a skilled instrument maker
Feb 29 Pope Paul III Pope from 13 October 1534 to his death in 1549.
Mar 28 Charles I Duke of Savoy the Duke of Savoy from 1482 to 1490 and titular king of Cyprus, Jerusalem, and Armenia from 1485 to 1490.
Apr 27 Frederick Jagiellon a Polish prince, Archbishop of Gniezno, Bishop of Kraków, and Primate of Poland. He was the sixth son and ninth child of Casimir IV Jagiellon, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, and his wife Elizabeth of Austria
Jun 30 John Elector of Saxony Elector of Saxony from 1525 until 1532. He was a member of the House of Wettin
Jul 12 Juan del Encina a composer, poet and playwright,:535 often called the founder, along with Gil Vicente, of Spanish drama. His name at birth was Juan de Fermoselle
Jul 24 Catherine of Saxony Archduchess of Austria the second wife of Sigismund, Archduke of Austria and Regent of Tyrol.

Top 7 most famous people died in 1468

Jan 17 Skanderbeg a 15th-century Albanian nobleman.
Feb 3 Johannes Gutenberg a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe. His invention of mechanical movable type printing started the Printing Revolution and is widely regarded as the most important event of the modern period. It played a key role in the development of the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Scientific revolution and laid the material basis for the modern knowledge-based economy and the spread of learning to the masses
Jul 5 Alfonso Prince of Asturias (1453–1468) the figurehead of rebelling magnates against his half brother Henry IV of Castile.
Sep 26 Juan de Torquemada (cardinal) born at Valladolid, and was educated in that city.
Oct 7 Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta an Italian condottiero and nobleman, a member of the House of Malatesta and lord of Rimini, Fano, and Cesena from 1432. He was widely considered by his contemporaries as one of the most daring military leaders in Italy and commanded the Venetian forces in the 1465 campaign against the Ottoman Empire. He was also a poet and patron of the arts
Oct 28 Bianca Maria Visconti Duchess of Milan from 1450 to 1468.
Nov 24 Jean de Dunois the illegitimate son of Louis I, Duke of Orléans, by Mariette d'Enghien. His nickname, the "Bastard of Orléans" , was a term of respect, since it acknowledged him as a first cousin to the king and acting head of a cadet branch of the royal family during his half-brother's captivity. In 1439 he received the county of Dunois from his half-brother, Charles, Duke of Orléans, and later king Charles VII made him count of Longueville