1477 in history

1477 events chronologically

Jan 5 Battle of Nancy: Charles the Bold is killed and Burgundy becomes part of France
Oct 7 Uppsala University is inaugurated after receiving its corporate rights from Pope Sixtus IV in February the same year

Born in 1477

Jan 14 Hermann of Wied the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne from 1515 to 1546.
Jan 16 Johannes Schöner a renowned and respected German polymath. It is best to refer to him using the usual 16th-century Latin term "mathematicus", as the areas of study to which he devoted his life were very different from those now considered to be the domain of the mathematician. He was a priest, astronomer, astrologer, geographer, cosmographer, cartographer, mathematician, globe and scientific instrument maker and editor and publisher of scientific tests. In his own time he enjoyed a European wide reputation as an innovative and influential globe maker and cosmographer and as one of the continents leading and most authoritative astrologers. Today he is remembered as an influential pioneer in the history of globe making and as a man who played a significant role in the events that led up to the publishing of Copernicus' "De revolutionibus" in Nürnberg in 1543
Jan 25 Anne of Brittany the last independent Breton ruler, and twice the queen of France. She was born in Nantes, Brittany, and was the daughter of Duke Francis II of Brittany and Margaret of Foix. Upon her father's death, she became Duchess of Brittany, Countess of Nantes, Montfort, and Richmond, and Viscountess of Limoges. In her time, she was the richest European woman
Mar 20 Jerome Emser born of a good family at Ulm.
Apr 7 Ōuchi Yoshioki a samurai of the Ōuchi family who lived during Japan's early Sengoku period. He is famous for his role in restoring the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshitane to power in 1508, and in building Saijō castle
Jul 4 Johannes Aventinus the pen name of Johann Georg Turmair or Thurmayr, a Bavarian Renaissance humanist historian and philologist. He authored the 1523 Annals of Bavaria, a valuable record of the early history of Germany
Jul 12 Jacopo Sadoleto Catholic Bishop and Cardinal, loyal to the Catholic Church.

Died in 1477

Jan 5 Charles the Bold Duke of Burgundy from 1467 to 1477. He was the last Valois Duke of Burgundy
Mar 9 Henry IV Duke of Mecklenburg from 1422 to 1477 Duke of Mecklenburg.
Mar 18 Przemysław II Duke of Cieszyn a Duke of Cieszyn from 1431, ruler over Bielsko and Skoczów , Duke of half of both Duchy of Głogów and Duchy of Ścinawa from 1460 and from 1468 sole ruler over Cieszyn.
Jun 27 Adolf Duke of Guelders a Duke of Guelders, Count of Zutphen from 1465–1471 and in 1477.
Aug 4 Jacques d'Armagnac Duke of Nemours the son of Bernard d'Armagnac, count of Pardiac, and Eleanor of Bourbon-La Marche.