Died in 1478

Jan 6 John II Count of Vendôme a French nobleman, son of Louis, Count of Vendôme. He was a courtier of King Charles VII of France and fought the English in Normandy and Guyenne. He attached himself to King Louis XI, but was not in his royal favor. He withdrew to the Château of Lavardin and completed its construction
Jan 6 Uzun Hassan a sultan of the Aq Qoyunlu dynasty, also known as the White Sheep Turkomans. Hassan was ruler of Iran which included also parts of present-day Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia between 1453 and 1478
Feb 18 George Plantagenet 1st Duke of Clarence the third son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, and Cecily Neville, and the brother of English Kings Edward IV and Richard III. He played an important role in the dynastic struggle between rival factions of the Plantagenets known as the Wars of the Roses
Apr 1 Fernando I Duke of Braganza the 2nd Duke of Braganza and the 1st Marquis of Vila Viçosa, among other titles. He took part in the Portuguese conquests in North Africa and served as governor of different territories there
Apr 26 Giuliano de' Medici the second son of Piero de' Medici and Lucrezia Tornabuoni. As co-ruler of Florence, with his brother Lorenzo the Magnificent, he complemented his brother's image as the "patron of the arts" with his own image as the handsome, sporting, "golden boy."
May 5 Andrea Vendramin served as Doge of Venice, 1476–78, at the height of Venetian power, the only member of the Vendramin family to do His mother, Maria Michiel, and his wife Regina Gradenigo, both came from Dogal families. He had served as Venetian Procurator in Rome, and his brief reign was largely concerned with the end of the Second Turkish–Venetian War. He probably died of plague
Jun 12 Ludovico III Gonzaga Marquis of Mantua the ruler of the Italian city of Mantua from 1444 to his death in 1478.
Jun 16 Przemko II Duke of Opava a member of the Opava branch of the Přemyslid dynasty. He was Duke of Opava from 1433 until his death. From 1466, he was also a member of the cathedral chapter of Wrocław. In older literature, he is sometimes confused with his nephew Przemko III
Aug 23 Yolande of Valois a Duchess consort of Savoy. She was a daughter of King Charles VII of France, "The Victorious," and Marie of Anjou. She married Duke Amadeus IX of Savoy in 1452. She was named after her grandmother, Yolande of Aragon. She is sometimes known as Yolande of France. Yolande acted as regent of Savoy in 1472-78
Oct 25 Catherine of Bosnia Queen of Bosnia as the wife of King Stephen Thomas. She was a daughter of Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, Duke of Saint Sava. Her Bosnian name is often rendered Katarina Kosača or Kosača-Kotromanić; Bosnian in Cyrillic: Катарина Косача Котроманић
Dec 12 Johannes Mentelin a pioneering German book printer and bookseller active during the period during which incunabula were printed. In 1466, he published the first printed Bible in the German language, the Mentelin Bible