1487 in history

1487 events chronologically

May 7 The Siege of Málaga commences during the Spanish Reconquista
May 24 The ten-year-old Lambert Simnel is crowned in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, with the name of Edward VI in a bid to threaten King Henry VII's reign
Jun 16 Battle of Stoke Field, the final engagement of the Wars of the Roses
Jul 24 Citizens of Leeuwarden, Netherlands strike against a ban on foreign beer
Aug 18 The Siege of Málaga ends with the taking of the city by Castilian and Aragonese forces
Nov 25 Elizabeth of York is crowned Queen of England

Top 7 most famous people born in 1487

Feb 2 John Zápolya King of Hungary from 1526 to 1540. His rule was disputed by Archduke Ferdinand I, who also claimed the title King of Hungary. He was Voivode of Transylvania before his coronation
Feb 8 Ulrich Duke of Württemberg succeeded his kinsman Eberhard II as Duke of Württemberg in 1498. He was declared of age in 1503
Apr 10 William I Count of Nassau-Dillenburg a count of Nassau-Dillenburg from the House of Nassau. He was not wealthy; his nickname the Rich refers to him having many children
Jul 5 Johann Gramann a German pastor, theologian, teacher, humanist, reformer, and Lutheran leader.
Jul 17 Ismail I Shah of Iran and the founder of the Safavid dynasty which survived until 1736. Isma'il started his campaign in Iranian Azerbaijan in 1500 as the leader of the Safaviyya, a Twelver Shia militant religious order, and unified all of Iran by 1509. Born in Ardabil in Northwestern Iran, he reigned as Shah Ismail I of Iran from 1501 to 1524
Aug 27 Anna of Brandenburg a German noblewoman.
Sep 10 Pope Julius III Pope from 7 February 1550 to his death in 1555.

Died in 1487

Mar 21 Nicholas of Flüe the patron saint of Switzerland. He is sometimes invoked as "Brother Klaus." A farmer, military leader, member of the assembly, councillor, judge and mystic, he was respected as a man of complete moral integrity, Brother Klaus's counsel to the Diet of Stans helped to prevent war between the Swiss cantons
Jun 16 John de la Pole 1st Earl of Lincoln a leading figure in the Yorkist aristocracy during the Wars of the Roses. He was de facto heir to the throne under the reign of his uncle Richard III of England, following the attainder that excluded Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick
Jul 16 Charlotte Queen of Cyprus Queen of Cyprus and Princess of Antioch, as well as titular Queen of Jerusalem and Armenia.
Sep 9 Chenghua Emperor Emperor of the Ming dynasty in China, between 1464 and 1487. His era name means "Accomplished change"
Sep 14 Mara Branković the daughter of Serbian monarch Đurađ Branković and Eirene Kantakouzene. She entered the harem of Sultan Murad II of the Ottoman Empire. The coast between Salonica and Kassandra peninsula has been named "Kalamarija" after her – "Mary the Good"
Sep 30 John Sutton 1st Baron Dudley an English nobleman. A diplomat and councillor of Henry VI, he fought in several battles during the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses, and acted as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1428–1430
Oct 5 Wenceslaus II of Zator a Duke of Zator during 1468-1474 , and ruler over half of Zator from 1474 until his death.