1488 in history

1488 events chronologically

Feb 3 Bartolomeu Dias of Portugal lands in Mossel Bay after rounding the Cape of Good Hope, becoming the first known European to travel so far south
Jun 11 Battle of Sauchieburn: fought between rebel Lords and James III of Scotland, resulting in the death of the King

Top 7 most famous people born in 1488

Jan 6 Helius Eobanus Hessus a German Latin poet born at Halgehausen in Hesse-Kassel.
Jan 20 Sebastian Münster a German cartographer, cosmographer, and a Christian Hebraist scholar. His work, the Cosmographia from 1544, was the earliest German description of the world
Mar 19 Johannes Magnus the last functioning Catholic Archbishop in Sweden, and also a theologian, genealogist, and historian.
Apr 16 Jungjong of Joseon now Korea. He succeeded his half-brother, Yeonsangun, because of the latter's tyrannical misrule, which culminated in a coup placing Jungjong on the throne
Apr 21 Ulrich von Hutten a German scholar, poet and reformer. He was an outspoken critic of the Roman Catholic Church and a bridge between the Renaissance humanists and the Lutheran Reformation. He was a leader of the Imperial Knights of the Holy Roman Empire
May 5 Matthew Stewart 2nd Earl of Lennox a prominent Scottish nobleman. Stewart was the son of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Lennox, and Margaret Montgomerie, daughter of Alexander, Master of Montgomerie
Aug 7 Caspar Aquila a German reformer.

Died in 1488

Apr 1 John II Duke of Bourbon a son of Charles I of Bourbon and Agnes of Burgundy. He was Duke of Bourbon and Auvergne from 1456 to his death
Apr 14 Girolamo Riario Lord of Imola and Forlì. He served as Captain General of the Church under his uncle Pope Sixtus Having taken part in the 1478 Pazzi Conspiracy against the Medici, 10 years later he was assassinated by members of the Forlesian Orsi family
May 31 Galeotto Manfredi an Italian condottiero and lord of Faenza.
Jun 11 James III of Scotland King of Scots from 1460 to 1488. James was an unpopular and ineffective monarch owing to an unwillingness to administer justice fairly, a policy of pursuing alliance with the Kingdom of England, and a disastrous relationship with nearly all his extended family. However, it was through his marriage to Margaret of Denmark that the Orkney and Shetland islands became Scottish
Jun 20 García Álvarez de Toledo 1st Duke of Alba a Spanish nobleman, military leader and politician.
Jul 30 Clarice Orsini the daughter of Jacopo Orsini, Lord of Monterotondo and Bracciano, and his wife and cousin Maddalena Orsini. Born in the Papal States, she is most known as the wife of Lorenzo de' Medici , de facto ruler of the Florentine Republic. She was the mother of Pope Leo X
Sep 9 Francis II Duke of Brittany Duke of Brittany from 1458 to his death. He was the son of Richard of Brittany and the grandson of Duke John A recurring theme in Francis' life would be his quest to maintain the independence of Brittany from France. As such, his reign was characterised by conflicts with King Louis XI of France and with his daughter, Anne of France, who served as regent during the minority of her brother, Charles VIII. The armed and unarmed conflicts between 1484-1488 have been called the Mad War and also the War of the Public Weal