Born in 1493

Jan 10 Nicolaus Olahus the Archbishop of Esztergom, Primate of Hungary, and a distinguished Roman Catholic prelate.
Jan 25 Maximilian Sforza a Duke of Milan from the Sforza family, the son of Lodovico Sforza. He ruled 1512–1515, between the occupations of Louis XII of France , and Francis I of France in 1515. After the French victory at the Battle of Marignano, Massimiliano was imprisoned by the returning French troops. He waived his rights to Milan for the sum of 30,000 ducats and continued to live in France
Mar 6 Juan Luis Vives a Valencian scholar and humanist who spent most of his entire adult life in the Southern Netherlands. His beliefs on the soul, insight to early medicine practice, and perspective on emotions, memory and learning earned him the title of the "father" of modern psychology. Vives was the first to shed light on some key ideas that established how we perceive psychology today
Mar 15 Anne de Montmorency a French soldier, statesman and diplomat. He became Marshal of France and Constable of France
May 5 Alessandro Pasqualini an Italian Renaissance architect and engineer, born in Bologna, who helped bring Renaissance architecture to the Low Countries.
Jun 5 Justus Jonas a German Lutheran reformer.
Jun 10 Anton Fugger a German merchant and member of the Fugger family. He was a nephew of Jacob Fugger
Sep 28 Agnolo Firenzuola an Italian poet and litterateur.
Oct 14 Shimazu Tadayoshi a daimyo of Satsuma Province during Japan's Sengoku period.
Oct 17 Bartolommeo Bandinelli a Renaissance Italian sculptor, draughtsman and painter.
Nov 11 Paracelsus a Swiss German Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. He founded the discipline of Toxicology. He is also known as a revolutionary for insisting upon using observations of nature, rather than looking to ancient texts, in open and radical defiance of medical practice of his day. He is also credited for giving zinc its name, calling it zincum. Modern psychology often also credits him for being the first to note that some diseases are rooted in psychological illness
Nov 11 Bernardo Tasso an Italian courtier and poet.
Nov 13 William IV Duke of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria from 1508 to 1550, until 1545 together with his younger brother Louis X, Duke of Bavaria. He was born in Munich to Albert IV and Kunigunde of Austria, a daughter of Emperor Frederick III
Nov 25 Osanna of Cattaro a Catholic visionary and anchoress from Cattaro. She was a teenage convert from Orthodoxy of Serbian descent from Montenegro. She became a Dominican tertiary and was posthumously venerated as a saint in Kotor. She was later beatified in 1934
Dec 25 Antoinette de Bourbon a French noblewoman of the House of Bourbon. She was the wife of Claude de Lorraine, Duke of Guise. Through her eldest daughter, Mary of Guise, Queen consort of King James V of Scotland, she was the maternal grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots
Dec 31 Eleonora Gonzaga Duchess of Urbino the eldest of the seven children of Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua, and Isabella d'Este. Her father was a notorious libertine, her mother a famous patroness of the arts. On 25 September 1509 she married Francesco Maria I della Rovere, duke of Urbino, son of Giovanni della Rovere, duca di Sora e Senegaglia, and Giovanna da Montefeltro, and nephew of Pope Julius Their two sons and three daughters would all have progeny