1493 events in history

Feb 15 While on board the Niña, Christopher Columbus writes an open letter (widely distributed upon his return to Portugal) describing his discoveries and the unexpected items he came across in the New World
Mar 4 Explorer Christopher Columbus arrives back in Lisbon, Portugal, aboard his ship Niña from his voyage to what is now The Bahamas and other islands in the Caribbean
Mar 15 Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first trip to the Americas
May 4 Pope Alexander VI divides the New World between Spain and Portugal along the Line of Demarcation
Jul 12 Hartmann Schedel's Nuremberg Chronicle, one of the best-documented early printed books, is published
Sep 9 Battle of Krbava Field, a decisive defeat of Croats in Croatian struggle against the invasion by the Ottoman Empire
Sep 26 Pope Alexander VI issues the papal bull Dudum siquidem to the Catholic Monarchs, extending the grant of new lands he made them in Inter caetera
Nov 3 Christopher Columbus first sights the island of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea
Nov 18 Christopher Columbus first sights the island now known as Puerto Rico
Nov 19 Christopher Columbus goes ashore on an island he first saw the day before. He names it San Juan Bautista (later renamed Puerto Rico)