Died in 1502

Feb 18 Hedwig Jagiellon Duchess of Bavaria the eldest daughter of King Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland and Archduchess Elisabeth Habsburg of Hungary.
Mar 12 Francesco Laurana a Dalmatian-born sculptor and medallist. He is considered both a Croatian and an Italian sculptor
Apr 2 Arthur Prince of Wales Prince of Wales, Earl of Chester and Duke of Cornwall as the eldest son and heir apparent of Henry VII of England and his wife, Elizabeth of York—daughter of Edward IV—and his birth thus cemented the union between the House of Tudor and the House of York. He was their eldest child and was born months after their marriage. Arthur was viewed by contemporaries as the great hope of the newly established House of Tudor, as his birth symbolised the end of the Wars of the Roses, during which his great-uncle Richard III, the final Yorkist king, had died in battle
Apr 15 John IV of Chalon-Arlay a prince of Orange and lord of Chalon-Arlay. He played an important role in the Mad War, a series of conflicts in which aristocrats sought to resist the expansion and centralisation of power under the French monarch
May 6 James Tyrrell an English knight, a trusted servant of King Richard III of England. He is known for confessing to the murders of the Princes in the Tower under Richard's orders. However, his statement may have been taken under torture, so the confession might not be genuine. William Shakespeare portrays Tyrrell as the man who organises the princes' murder in Richard III
Jun 9 Astorre III Manfredi lord Faenza, in northern Italy, from 1488 to 1501.
Sep 20 Albrecht Dürer the Elder a goldsmith in Nuremberg and the father of the Northern Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer.
Dec 10 Jovan Branković the titular Despot of Serbia from 1496 until his death in 1502. He held the title of despot given to him by Vladislas II of Hungary, and ruled a region known as Racszag under the Kingdom of Hungary. Despot Jovan was the last Serbian Despot of the Branković Dynasty, which was regarded as legitimate successors of the "holy Nemanjić's", they continued the ktetor to Chilandar and other sacred things to protect the nation and the religion. He was proclaimed a Saint in 1505, under the name Saint Despot Jovan
Dec 31 Oliverotto Euffreducci described in Niccolò Machiavelli's Il Principe.
Dec 31 Vitellozzo Vitelli an Italian condottiero. He was lord of Montone, Città di Castello, Monterchi and Anghiari