Born in 1514

Feb 7 Adam of Łowicz a professor of medicine at the University of Krakow, its rector in 1510–1511, a humanist, writer and philosopher.
Feb 16 Georg Joachim Rheticus a mathematician, cartographer, navigational-instrument maker, medical practitioner, and teacher. He is perhaps best known for his trigonometric tables and as Nicolaus Copernicus's sole pupil. He facilitated the publication of his master's De revolutionibus orbium coelestium
Feb 22 Tahmasp I an influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. He was the son and successor of Ismail I
Mar 8 Amago Haruhisa a powerful warlord in Chūgoku region, Japan. He is the second son of Amago Masahisa. Initially named Akihisa , he changed his name to Haruhisa in 1541 after Ashikaga Yoshiharu offered to let him use a kanji from his name
Apr 2 Guidobaldo II della Rovere Duke of Urbino an Italian condottiero, who succeeded his father Francesco Maria I della Rovere as Duke of Urbino from 1538 until his death in 1574. He was a member of the House of La Rovere. Guidobaldo was an important patron of the arts in general, and of Titian in particular, commissioning Titian's Venus of Urbino
May 28 Shimazu Takahisa a daimyo during Japan's Sengoku period. He was the fifteenth head of the Shimazu clan
Jun 16 John Cheke an English classical scholar and statesman, notable as the first Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge University.
Nov 29 Andreas Musculus a German Lutheran theologian. The name Musculus is a Latinized form of Meusel
Dec 31 Andreas Vesalius a Brabantian anatomist, physician, and author of one of the most influential books on human anatomy, De humani corporis fabrica. Vesalius is often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy. He was professor at the University of Padua and later became Imperial physician at the court of Emperor Charles V