1520 events in history

Jan 19 Sten Sture the Younger, the Regent of Sweden, is mortally wounded at the Battle of Bogesund
Apr 16 The Revolt of the Comuneros begins in Spain against the rule of Charles V
May 20 The massacre at the festival of Tóxcatl takes place during the Fall of Tenochtitlan, resulting in turning the Aztecs against the Spanish
Jun 15 Pope Leo X threatens to excommunicate Martin Luther in papal bull Exsurge Domine
Jun 30 Spanish conquistadors led by Hernán Cortés fight their way out of Tenochtitlan
Jul 7 Spanish conquistadores defeat a larger Aztec army at the Battle of Otumba
Oct 21 João Álvares Fagundes discovers the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, bestowing them their original name of "Islands of the 11,000 Virgins"
Oct 21 Ferdinand Magellan discovers a strait now known as Strait of Magellan
Oct 26 Charles V is crowned
Nov 1 The Strait of Magellan, the passage immediately south of mainland South America connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, is first discovered and navigated by European explorer Ferdinand Magellan during the first recorded circumnavigation voyage
Nov 8 Stockholm Bloodbath begins: A successful invasion of Sweden by Danish forces results in the execution of around 100 people
Nov 9 More than 50 people are sentenced and executed in the Stockholm Bloodbath
Nov 10 Danish King Christian II executes dozens of people in the Stockholm Bloodbath after a successful invasion of Sweden
Nov 28 After navigating through a strait at the southern end of South America, three ships under the command of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reach the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first European ships to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific
Dec 10 Martin Luther burns his copy of the papal bull Exsurge Domine outside Wittenberg's Elster Gate