1523 in history

1523 events chronologically

Jan 20 Christian II is forced to abdicate as King of Denmark and Norway
Jun 6 Gustav Vasa, the Swedish regent, is elected King of Sweden, marking a symbolic end to the Kalmar Union. This is the Swedish national day
Jun 10 Copenhagen is surrounded by the army of Frederick I of Denmark, as the city won't recognise him as the successor of Christian II of Denmark
Jul 1 Johann Esch and Heinrich Voes become the first Lutheran martyrs, burned at the stake by Roman Catholic authorities in Brussels

Born in 1523

Feb 20 Jan Blahoslav a Czech humanistic writer, poet, translator, etymologist, hymnographer, grammarian, music theorist and composer. He was a Unity of the Brethren bishop, and translated the New Testament into Czech in 1564. This was incorporated into the Bible of Kralice
Mar 17 Giovanni Francesco Commendone an Italian Cardinal and papal nuncio.
Apr 5 Blaise de Vigenère a French diplomat, cryptographer, translator and alchemist.
Apr 21 Marco Antonio Bragadin a Venetian lawyer and military officer of the Republic of Venice.
Jun 5 Margaret of France Duchess of Berry the daughter of King Francis I of France and Claude, Duchess of Brittany.
Sep 22 Charles de Bourbon (cardinal) a French cardinal. The Catholic League considered him the rightful King of France after the death of Henry III of France in 1589
Oct 18 Anna Jagiellon queen of Poland from 1575 to 1586. She was the daughter of Poland's King Sigismund I the Old, and the wife of Stephen Báthory. She was elected, along with her then fiancé, Báthory, as co-ruler in the second election of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Anna was the last member of the Jagiellon dynasty

Top 7 most famous people died in 1523

May 7 Franz von Sickingen a German knight, one of the most notable figures of the first period of the Reformation.
May 7 Antonio Grimani the Doge of Venice from 1521 to 1523.
May 23 Ashikaga Yoshitane the 10th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who headed the shogunate first from 1490 to 1493 and then again from 1508 to 1521 during the Muromachi period of Japan.
Aug 13 Gerard David an Early Netherlandish painter and manuscript illuminator known for his brilliant use of color. Only a bare outline of his life survives, although some facts are known. He may have been the "Meester gheraet van brugghe" who became a master of the Antwerp guild in 1515. He was very successful in his lifetime and probably ran two workshops, in Antwerp and Bruges. His reputation diminished in the 17th century until he was rediscovered in the 19th century
Aug 27 Domenico Grimani an Italian nobleman, theologian and cardinal. Like most noble churchman of his era Grimani was an ecclesiastical pluralist, holding numerous posts and benefices. Desiderius Erasmus dedicated to Grimani his Musica
Aug 29 Ulrich von Hutten a German scholar, poet and reformer. He was an outspoken critic of the Roman Catholic Church and a bridge between the Renaissance humanists and the Lutheran Reformation. He was a leader of the Imperial Knights of the Holy Roman Empire
Sep 14 Pope Adrian VI the 218th pope of the Catholic Church from 9 January 1522 until his death on 14 September 1523.