Died in 1523

May 7 Antonio Grimani the Doge of Venice from 1521 to 1523.
May 7 Franz von Sickingen a German knight, one of the most notable figures of the first period of the Reformation.
May 23 Ashikaga Yoshitane the 10th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who headed the shogunate first from 1490 to 1493 and then again from 1508 to 1521 during the Muromachi period of Japan.
Jun 24 An-Nasir al-Hasan an imam of the Zaidi state in Yemen, who exerted a limited authority in the northern Yemeni highland in 1495-1523.
Aug 13 Gerard David an Early Netherlandish painter and manuscript illuminator known for his brilliant use of color. Only a bare outline of his life survives, although some facts are known. He may have been the "Meester gheraet van brugghe" who became a master of the Antwerp guild in 1515. He was very successful in his lifetime and probably ran two workshops, in Antwerp and Bruges. His reputation diminished in the 17th century until he was rediscovered in the 19th century
Aug 22 Lucien Lord of Monaco became Lord of Monaco on 11 October 1505, having murdered his predecessor and brother, Jean II, and held that sovereignty until his death.
Aug 27 Domenico Grimani an Italian nobleman, theologian and cardinal. Like most noble churchman of his era Grimani was an ecclesiastical pluralist, holding numerous posts and benefices. Desiderius Erasmus dedicated to Grimani his Musica
Aug 29 Ulrich von Hutten a German scholar, poet and reformer. He was an outspoken critic of the Roman Catholic Church and a bridge between the Renaissance humanists and the Lutheran Reformation. He was a leader of the Imperial Knights of the Holy Roman Empire
Sep 8 Maciej Miechowita a Polish renaissance scholar, professor of Jagiellonian University, historian, chronicler, geographer, medical doctor , alchemist, astrologist and canon in Cracow.
Sep 14 Pope Adrian VI the 218th pope of the Catholic Church from 9 January 1522 until his death on 14 September 1523.
Oct 5 Bogislaw X Duke of Pomerania Duke of Pomerania from 1474 until his death in 1523.