1529 in history

1529 events chronologically

Apr 19 Beginning of the Protestant Reformation: After the Second Diet of Speyer bans Lutheranism, a group of rulers (German: Fürst) and independent cities (German: Reichsstadt) protests the reinstatement of the Edict of Worms
Apr 22 Treaty of Zaragoza divides the eastern hemisphere between Spain and Portugal along a line 297.5 leagues or 17° east of the Moluccas
Jun 21 French forces are driven out of northern Italy by Spain at the Battle of Landriano during the War of the League of Cognac
Sep 1 The Spanish fort of Sancti Spiritu, the first one built in modern Argentina, is destroyed by natives
Sep 27 The Siege of Vienna begins when Suleiman I attacks the city
Oct 15 The Siege of Vienna ends as the Austrians rout the invading Turks, turning the tide against almost a century of unchecked conquest throughout eastern and central Europe by the Ottoman Empire

Born in 1529

Jan 8 John Frederick II Duke of Saxony duke of Saxony, and briefly, Elector of Saxony.
Apr 3 Michael Neander a German teacher, mathematician, medical academic, and astronomer.
Apr 25 Franciscus Patricius a philosopher and scientist from the Republic of Venice. He was known as a defender of Platonism and an opponent of Aristotelianism. In Croatia he is referred to as Frane Petrić. His family name in Cres was known as Petris
Jun 7 Étienne Pasquier a French lawyer and man of letters. By his own account he was born in Paris on 7 June 1529, but according to others he was born in 1528. He was called to the Paris bar in 1549
Jun 14 Ferdinand II Archduke of Austria ruler of Further Austria including Tirol. The son of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, he was married to Philippine Welser in his first marriage. In his second marriage to Anna Juliana Gonzaga, he was the father of Anna of Tyrol, the would-be Holy Roman Empress
Jul 24 Charles II Margrave of Baden-Durlach nicknamed Charles with the bag, governed the Margravate of Durlach from 1552 to 1577. On June 1, 1556, Charles issued a new Church Order, which made Lutheranism the official religion in Baden-Durlach
Sep 1 Taddeo Zuccari an Italian painter, one of the most popular members of the Roman mannerist school.

Top 7 most famous people died in 1529

Jan 2 Radu of Afumați Prince of Wallachia between January 1522 and April 1529. He began his reign with a victory against Mehmed-bey, a pretender to Wallachia's throne. From 1522 to 1525 he battled the Turks, who supported Vladislav al III-lea and Radu Bădica, both claimants of the throne. The inscription on his tombstone lists 20 battles. He was killed by decapitation on 2 January 1529 near Râmnicu Vâlcea, at Cetățuia Church. He was later buried in the Curtea de Argeș Cathedral
Jan 9 Wang Yangming a Chinese idealist Neo-Confucian philosopher, official, educationist, calligraphist and general during the Ming dynasty. After Zhu Xi, he is commonly regarded as the most important Neo-Confucian thinker, with interpretations of Confucianism that denied the rationalist dualism of the orthodox philosophy of Zhu Wang was known as "Yangming Xiansheng" and/or "Yangming Zi" in literary circles: both mean "Master Yangming"
Feb 2 Baldassare Castiglione an Italian courtier, diplomat, soldier and a prominent Renaissance author.
Apr 19 Johannes Cuspinian an Austrian humanist, scientist, diplomat, and historian. Born in Spießheim near Schweinfurt in Franconia, of which Cuspinianus is a Latinization, he studied in Leipzig and Würzburg. He went to Vienna in 1492 and became a professor of medicine at the University of Vienna. He became Rector of the university in 1500 and also served as Royal Superintendent until his death
May 16 Francesco Morone an Italian painter, active in his native city of Verona in a Renaissance style. He was the son of the Veronese painter Domenico Morone. The art biographer Vasari praised his frescoes for the cupola of the sacristy in Santa Maria in Organo, Verona. He also painted the organ shutters in that church. Paolo Cavazzola was said to have been a pupil, but may have more aptly worked with one of his family members
Jun 21 John Skelton an English poet. He died at Westminster. He was the favourite teacher of King Henry VIII of England
Sep 28 Adolf Clarenbach burnt at the stake in Cologne, died as one of the first Protestant martyrs of the Reformation in the Lower Rhine region in Germany.