Died in 1530

Apr 8 Francis Lambert (theologian) a Protestant reformer, the son of a papal official at Avignon, where he was born between 1485 and 1487.
Apr 12 Joanna la Beltraneja a claimant to the throne of Castile and queen of Portugal as the wife of her uncle, King Afonso V.
Apr 28 Niklaus Manuel Deutsch I a Swiss dramaturg, painter, engraver and statesman.
Jun 4 Maximilian Sforza a Duke of Milan from the Sforza family, the son of Lodovico Sforza. He ruled 1512–1515, between the occupations of Louis XII of France , and Francis I of France in 1515. After the French victory at the Battle of Marignano, Massimiliano was imprisoned by the returning French troops. He waived his rights to Milan for the sum of 30,000 ducats and continued to live in France
Aug 3 Philibert of Chalon the last prince of Orange from the house of Chalon.
Aug 3 Francesco Ferruccio an Italian captain from Florence who fought in the Italian Wars.
Aug 6 Jacopo Sannazaro an Italian poet, humanist and epigrammist from Naples.
Aug 10 Konstanty Ostrogski a magnate of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later a Grand Hetman of Lithuania since September 11, 1497, until his death. As a speaker of the Ruthenian language he is considered to be one of the precursors of the Belarusian language and a national hero in Belarus
Sep 29 Andrea del Sarto an Italian painter from Florence, whose career flourished during the High Renaissance and early Mannerism. Though highly regarded during his lifetime as an artist senza errori , his renown was eclipsed after his death by that of his contemporaries, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael
Nov 29 Thomas Wolsey an English political figure and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. When Henry VIII became King of England in 1509, Wolsey became the King's almoner. Wolsey's affairs prospered, and by 1514 he was the controlling figure in virtually all matters of state and was extremely powerful within the Church. The highest political position he attained was Lord Chancellor, the King's chief adviser. In that position, he enjoyed great freedom, and was often depicted as an alter rex. Despite his expansive power as the King's "right-hand man", he fell out of favour due to his failure to negotiate an annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. He was ultimately stripped of his government posts and retreated to York to oversee his clerical duties as Archbishop of York, a post he nominally held but never exercised during his many years in government. He was recalled to London to answer to charges of treason , but died en route of natural causes before arriving in London
Dec 1 Margaret of Austria Duchess of Savoy Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands from 1507 to 1515 and again from 1519 to 1530.
Dec 22 Willibald Pirckheimer a German Renaissance lawyer, author and Renaissance humanist, a wealthy and prominent figure in Nuremberg in the 16th century, and a member of the governing City Council for two periods. He was the closest friend of the artist Albrecht Dürer, who made a number of portraits of him, and a close friend of the great humanist and theologian Erasmus
Dec 26 Babur a conqueror from Central Asia who, following a series of setbacks, finally succeeded in laying the basis for the Mughal dynasty in the Indian Subcontinent and became the first Mughal emperor. He was a direct descendant of Timur, from the Barlas clan, through his father, and also a descendant of Genghis Khan through his mother. Culturally, he was greatly influenced by the Persian culture and this affected both his own actions and those of his successors, giving rise to a significant expansion of the Persianate ethos in the Indian subcontinent