1534 events in history

Feb 3 Irish rebel Silken Thomas is executed by the order of Henry VIII in London, England
Apr 20 Jacques Cartier begins the voyage during which he discovers Canada and Labrador
May 10 Jacques Cartier visits Newfoundland
Jun 9 Jacques Cartier is the first European to discover the Saint Lawrence River
Jun 29 Jacques Cartier is the first European to reach Prince Edward Island
Jul 4 Christian III is elected King of Denmark and Norway in the town of Rye
Jul 7 European colonization of the Americas: first known exchange between Europeans and natives of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick
Jul 24 French explorer Jacques Cartier plants a cross on the Gaspé Peninsula and takes possession of the territory in the name of Francis I of France
Aug 15 Ignatius of Loyola and six classmates take initial vows, leading to the creation of the Society of Jesus in September 1540
Oct 30 English Parliament passes Act of Supremacy, making King Henry VIII head of the English church - a role formerly held by the Pope
Dec 6 The city of Quito in Ecuador is founded by Spanish settlers led by Sebastián de Belalcázar