Born in 1539

Apr 5 George Frederick Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach Margrave of Ansbach and Bayreuth, as well as Regent of Prussia. He was the son of George, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and a member of the House of Hohenzollern. He married firstly, in 1559, Elisabeth of Brandenburg-Küstrin. He married secondly, in 1579, Sophie of Brunswick-Lüneburg , daughter of William of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Dorothea of Denmark
Apr 7 Tobias Stimmer a Swiss painter and illustrator. His most famous work is the paintings on the Strasbourg astronomical clock. He died in Strasbourg
Apr 12 Garcilaso de la Vega (chronicler) a chronicler and writer from the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. The son of a Spanish conquistador and an Inca noblewoman, he is recognized primarily for his contributions to Inca history, culture, and society. His work was influential, well-received, and particularly notable for being the first literature by an author born in the Americas to enter the western canon
Apr 30 Archduchess Barbara of Austria born in Vienna to Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary. From 1547, in Innsbruck with her sisters Magdalena, Margareta, Helena and Johanna, she received a deeply religious upbringing
May 22 Edward Seymour 1st Earl of Hertford "Lord Hertford" redirects here, for other persons holding that title see Marquess of Hertford.
Jun 13 Jost Amman a Swiss artist, celebrated chiefly for his woodcuts, done mainly for book illustrations.
Jul 4 Louis VI Elector Palatine an Elector from the Palatinate-Simmern branch of the house of Wittelsbach. He was the first-born son of Frederick III, Elector Palatine and Marie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
Aug 11 Thomas Schöning Archbishop of Riga. He was a member of a prominent Riga burgher family and son of Johann Schöning. He studied at the University of Rostock between 1499 and 1500. Schöning was notable for the dating of coins. During his reign from 1528 to 1539, mark, shilling, and pfenning coins from Riga bore the family shield of Thomas Schöning
Sep 18 Louis Gonzaga Duke of Nevers an Italian-French dignitary and diplomat in France. He was the third child of Frederick II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, and Margaret Palaeologina
Nov 1 Pierre Pithou a French lawyer and scholar. He is also known as Petrus Pithoeus
Nov 15 Saint Arthur of Glastonbury an English Roman Catholic faithful in the sixteenth century. He was martyred during the period of King Henry VIII's suppression of the Catholic Church due to his refusal to accept the king's claim to spiritual leadership of the Church in England
Dec 5 Fausto Sozzini an Italian theologian and founder of the school of Christian thought known as Socinianism and the main theologian of Polish Brethren.