Born in 1549

Feb 3 Louis of Valois the second son and fourth child of Henry II , King of France and his wife, Catherine de' Medici, daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino and his wife Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne. He died aged eleven months
Feb 20 Francesco Maria II della Rovere Duke of Urbino the last Duke of Urbino.
Jul 2 Duchess Sabine of Württemberg a princess of Württemberg by birth and by marriage, the first Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel.
Jul 5 Francesco Maria del Monte an Italian Cardinal, diplomat and connoisseur of the arts. His fame today rests on his early patronage of the important Baroque master Caravaggio, and on his art collection which provides provenance for many important works of the period
Jul 30 Ferdinando I de' Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1587 to 1609, having succeeded his older brother Francesco I.
Aug 2 Mikołaj Krzysztof "the Orphan" Radziwiłł a Polish-Lithuanian noble.
Aug 10 Catherine of Brandenburg-Küstrin a Margravine of Brandenburg-Küstrin by birth and Electress of Brandenburg by marriage.
Aug 26 Adrian of Ondrusov a Russian Orthodox monk and saint, venerated as a Wonderworker.
Oct 1 Anne of Saint Bartholomew O.C.D. was a Spanish Discalced Carmelite nun, and companion to Teresa of Avila. She led the establishment of monasteries of the new Order in France and the Lowlands. She has been beatified by the Catholic Church
Oct 17 Denis Godefroy a French jurist, a member of the noted Godefroy family. He worked in France and Germany
Nov 1 Anna of Austria Queen of Spain Queen of Spain by virtue of her marriage to her uncle, King Philip II of Spain.
Nov 5 Philippe de Mornay a French Protestant writer and member of the anti-monarchist Monarchomaques.
Nov 30 Henry Savile (Bible translator) an English scholar, Warden of Merton College, Oxford, and Provost of Eton. He was a Member of the Parliament of England for Bossiney in 1589 and Dunwich in 1593