Died in 1549

Jan 23 Johannes Honter a Transylvanian Saxon, renaissance humanist and theologian. Honter is best known for his geographic and cartographic publishing activity, as well as for implementing the Lutheran reform in Transylvania
Feb 14 Il Sodoma the name given to the Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi. Il Sodoma painted in a manner that superimposed the High Renaissance style of early 16th-century Rome onto the traditions of the provincial Sienese school; he spent the bulk of his professional life in Siena, with two periods in Rome
Mar 20 Thomas Seymour 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley probably best known, however, for his influence in the life of the future Queen Elizabeth I.
Apr 3 Matsudaira Hirotada the lord of Okazaki Castle in Mikawa province, Japan during the Sengoku Period of the 16th century. He is best known for being the father of Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate
Apr 15 Christine of Saxony a German noble, landgravine of Hesse. She was the regent of Hesse in 1547-1549
May 28 Aleksander Chodkiewicz a noble from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, founder of the Supraśl Orthodox Monastery. He inherited vast possessions from his father Ivan Chodkiewicz, which made him 11th wealthiest person in the Grand Duchy according to the military census of 1528. Via his mother Jawnuta of the Belsky family, he was second cousin to Kings of Poland John I Albert, Alexander Jagiellon, and Sigismund I the Old. Chodkiewicz quickly gained influence under Alexander Jagiellon, becoming royal marshal but after Jagiellon's death in 1506 his career stagnated. He supported Queen Bona Sforza, gaining her favor and becoming starost of Brest in 1528. The peak of his career came in 1544 when young Sigismund II Augustus, still influenced by his mother, appointed Chodkiewicz as voivode of Nowogródek and his son Hieronim as castellan of Trakai
Aug 30 Arakida Moritake a Japanese poet who excelled in the fields of waka, renga, and in particular haikai. He studied renga with Sōgi. He was the son of Negi Morihide, and a Shintoist. At the age of 69, he became head priest of the Inner Ise Shrine
Sep 10 Anthony Denny a confidant of Henry VIII of England. Denny was the most prominent member of the Privy chamber in Henry's last years having, together with his brother-in-law John Gates, charge of the "dry stamp" of Henry's signature, and attended Henry on his deathbed. He also served as Groom of the Stool. He was a member of the reformist circle that offset the conservative religious influence of Bishop Gardiner. He was a wealthy man, having acquired manors and former religious sites through the Court of augmentations. By 1548 he was keeper of Westminster Palace
Nov 10 Pope Paul III Pope from 13 October 1534 to his death in 1549.
Nov 13 Paul Fagius a Renaissance scholar of Biblical Hebrew.
Dec 21 Marguerite de Navarre the princess of France, Queen of Navarre, and Duchess of Alençon and Berry. She was married to Henry II of Navarre. Her brother became King of France, as Francis I and the two siblings were responsible for the celebrated intellectual and cultural court and salons of their day in France