Died in 1550

Jan 12 Andrea Alciato an Italian jurist and writer. He is regarded as the founder of the French school of legal humanists
Feb 22 Francesco III Gonzaga Duke of Mantua Duke of Mantua and Marquess of Montferrat from 1540 until his death. He was the eldest son of Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua and his wife Margaret Paleologina. On 22 October 1549, he married Catherine, a daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I
Mar 7 William IV Duke of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria from 1508 to 1550, until 1545 together with his younger brother Louis X, Duke of Bavaria. He was born in Munich to Albert IV and Kunigunde of Austria, a daughter of Emperor Frederick III
Mar 8 John of God a Portuguese-born soldier turned health-care worker in Spain, whose followers later formed the Brothers Hospitallers of John of God, a worldwide Catholic religious institute dedicated to the care of the poor sick and those suffering from mental disorders. He has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church, and is considered one of Spain's leading religious figures
Apr 12 Claude Duke of Guise a French aristocrat and general. He became the first Duke of Guise in 1528
Apr 30 Tabinshwehti king of Toungoo Dynasty of Burma from 1530 to 1550, and the founder of Toungoo Empire. His military campaigns created the largest kingdom in Burma since the fall of Pagan Empire in 1287. His administratively fragile kingdom proved to be the impetus for the eventual reunification of the entire country by his successor and brother-in-law Bayinnaung
May 18 Jean Cardinal of Lorraine a French cardinal, who was archbishop of Reims, Lyon and Narbonne, bishop of Metz, Toul, Verdun, Thérouanne, Luçon, Albi, Valence, Nantes and Agen. He is sometimes known as the cardinal de Lorraine
May 20 Ashikaga Yoshiharu the twelfth shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who held the reins of supreme power from 1521 through 1546 during the late Muromachi period of Japan. He was the son of the eleventh shogun Ashikaga Yoshizumi
Jun 13 Veronica Gambara an Italian poet, stateswoman and political leader.
Jul 30 Thomas Wriothesley 1st Earl of Southampton an English peer.
Sep 14 Françoise d'Alençon the eldest daughter of René of Alençon and Margaret of Lorraine, and the younger sister and despoiled heiress of Charles IV, Duke of Alençon.
Sep 25 Georg von Blumenthal a German Prince-Bishop of Ratzeburg and Bishop of Lebus. He also served as a Privy Councillor of the Margraviate of Brandenburg and Chancellor of the University of Frankfurt , commonly called the Viadrina
Oct 7 Jorge de Lencastre Duke of Coimbra a Portuguese Prince, illegitimate son of King John II of Portugal and Ana de Mendonça, a maid of Joanna la Beltraneja. He became the second Duke of Coimbra in 1509. He was also master of the Order of Santiago and administrator of the Order of Aviz from 1492 to 1550
Oct 11 Georg Pencz a German engraver, painter and printmaker.
Oct 18 Margery Wentworth the wife of Sir John Seymour and the mother of Queen Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII of England. She was the grandmother of King Edward VI of England
Oct 23 Tiedemann Giese a member of the patrician Giese family of Danzig. His father was Albrecht Giese and his brother, the Hanseatic League merchant Georg Giese. Another relative was Albrecht Giese. Tiedemann became Bishop of Culm first canon, later Prince-Bishop of Warmia
Oct 24 Louis of Valois the second son and fourth child of Henry II , King of France and his wife, Catherine de' Medici, daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino and his wife Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne. He died aged eleven months
Nov 6 Ulrich Duke of Württemberg succeeded his kinsman Eberhard II as Duke of Württemberg in 1498. He was declared of age in 1503
Nov 7 Jón Arason an Icelandic Roman Catholic bishop and poet, who was executed in his struggle against the imposition of the Protestant Reform in Iceland.
Dec 6 Pieter Coecke van Aelst a Flemish painter appointed court painter to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1534.
Dec 8 Gian Giorgio Trissino an Italian Renaissance humanist, poet, dramatist, diplomat, and grammarian.
Dec 20 Matthias Greitter a German priest, cantor and composer.
Dec 22 Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell) a reclusive bricklayer who was claimed to be a son of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England.