Died in 1555

Jan 14 Jacques Dubois a French anatomist in Paris.
Feb 9 Rowland Taylor an English Protestant martyr during the Marian Persecutions.
Feb 9 John Hooper (bishop) an English churchman, Anglican Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester. A proponent of the English Reformation, he was martyred during the Marian Persecutions
Feb 17 Giuliano Bugiardini an Italian painter of the late-Renaissance period known as Mannerism, born and mainly active in Florence.
Mar 23 Pope Julius III Pope from 7 February 1550 to his death in 1555.
Apr 12 Joanna of Castile queen of Castile from 1504 and of Aragon from 1516. From the union of these two crowns modern Spain evolved. Joanna married Philip the Handsome, who was crowned King of Castile in 1506, initiating the rule of the Habsburgs in Spain. After Philip's death that same year, Joanna was deemed mentally ill and was confined to a nunnery for the rest of her life. Though she remained the legal queen of Castile throughout this time, her father, Ferdinand II of Aragon, was regent until his death, when she inherited his kingdom as well. From 1517, her son, Charles, ruled as king, while she nominally remained co-monarch
Apr 18 Polydore Vergil an Italian humanist scholar, historian, priest and diplomat who spent most of his life in England. He is particularly remembered for his works the Proverbiorum libellus , a collection of Latin proverbs; De inventoribus rerum , a history of discoveries and origins; and the Anglica Historia , an influential history of England. He has been dubbed the "Father of English History"
May 1 Pope Marcellus II the 222nd pope of the Catholic Church from 9 April 1555 until his death 22 days later on 1 May 1555.
May 25 Henry II of Navarre born at Sangüesa, was the King of Navarre from 1517, although his kingdom had been reduced to a small territory north of the Pyrenees by the Spanish conquest of 1512. Henry succeeded his mother, Queen Catherine, and her husband, King John III
May 25 Gemma Frisius a physician, mathematician, cartographer, philosopher, and instrument maker. He created important globes, improved the mathematical instruments of his day and applied mathematics in new ways to surveying and navigation
Jun 10 Elizabeth of Denmark Electress of Brandenburg a Scandinavian princess who became Electress of Brandenburg as the spouse of Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg. She was daughter of King Hans of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and his spouse, Christina of Saxony
Jun 16 Pedro Mascarenhas a Portuguese explorer and colonial administrator. He was the first European to discover the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in 1512. He also encountered the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius in 1512, although he may not have been the first Portuguese explorer to do so; earlier expeditions by Diogo Dias and Afonso de Albuquerque along with Diogo Fernandes Pereira may have encountered the islands. In 1528 explorer Diogo Rodrigues named the islands of Réunion, Mauritius, and Rodrigues the Mascarene Islands, after Mascarenhas
Jul 1 John Bradford a prebendary of Paul's. He was an English Reformer and martyr. Bradford was in the Tower of London for alleged crimes against Mary Tudor for his Protestant faith. Bradford was burned at the stake on 1 July 1555
Aug 8 Oronce Finé a French mathematician and cartographer.
Sep 4 Paweł Holszański a notable Catholic church official and one of the last male scions of the once-mighty Lithuanian Olshanski princely family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Sep 29 Kara Ahmed Pasha an Ottoman statesman of Albanian origin. He was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire between 1553 and 1555
Oct 7 Louis of Praet a nobleman from the Low Countries and an important diplomat and statesman under the Emperor Charles V.
Oct 9 Justus Jonas a German Lutheran reformer.
Oct 16 Hugh Latimer a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, and Bishop of Worcester before the Reformation, and later Church of England chaplain to King Edward In 1555 under Queen Mary he was burned at the stake, becoming one of the three Oxford Martyrs of Anglicanism.
Oct 16 Nicholas Ridley (martyr) an English Bishop of London Ridley was burned at the stake, as one of the Oxford Martyrs, during the Marian Persecutions, for his teachings and his support of Lady Jane Grey. Ridley is remembered with a commemoration in the calendar of saints in some parts of the Anglican Communion on 16 October
Oct 16 Sue Harukata a retainer of the Ōuchi clan in the Sengoku period in Japan. Harukata would later become a daimyo. He was the second son of Sue Okifusa, senior retainer of the Ōuchi clan. His childhood name was Goro. Before Harukata he had the name of Takafusa. He is also erroneously known as Harutaka
Oct 26 Olympia Fulvia Morata an Italian classical scholar. She was born in Ferrara to Fulvio Pellegrino Morato and a certain Lucrezia
Nov 4 Agnes of Hesse a princess of Hesse by birth and by marriage Electress of Saxony.
Nov 12 Stephen Gardiner an English Roman Catholic bishop and politician during the English Reformation period who served as Lord Chancellor during the reign of Queen Mary I of England.
Nov 21 Georgius Agricola a German Catholic, scholar and scientist. Known as "the father of mineralogy", he was born at Glauchau in Saxony. His birth name was Georg Pawer ; Agricola is the Latinized version of his name, by which he was known his entire adult life; Agricola and Bauer mean "farmer" in their respective languages. He is best known for his book De Re Metallica