Died in 1565

Feb 25 Marcin Zborowski a Polish castellan of Kalisz , voivod of Kalisz , voivod of Poznań and castellan of Kraków. He was one of the leaders of execution movement, co-initiator of the Chicken War and also supporter of the Reformation. Zborowski participated in the fourth war of the Muscovite-Lithuanian Wars and in the Battle of Orsha. Murderer of Dymitr Sanguszko
Mar 14 Vasco de Quiroga the first bishop of Michoacán, Mexico and one of the judges in the second Audiencia that governed New Spain from January 10, 1531 to April 16, 1535.
Mar 17 Alexander Ales a Scottish theologian of the school of Augsburg.
Apr 27 Osanna of Cattaro a Catholic visionary and anchoress from Cattaro. She was a teenage convert from Orthodoxy of Serbian descent from Montenegro. She became a Dominican tertiary and was posthumously venerated as a saint in Kotor. She was later beatified in 1934
May 14 Nicolaus von Amsdorf a German theologian and Protestant reformer.
May 28 Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł a Lithuanian noble who held several administrative positions within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Voivode of Vilnius, Grand Lithuanian Chancellor, and Grand Hetman of Lithuania.
Jun 12 Adrianus Turnebus a French classical scholar.
Jun 17 Ashikaga Yoshiteru the 13th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who reigned from 1546 to 1565 during the late Muromachi period of Japan. He was the eldest son of the 12th shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiharu; and his mother was a daughter of Konoe Hisamichi. When he became shogun in 1546 at age 11, Yoshiteru's name was Yoshifushi ; but some years later in 1554, he changed his name to the one by which he is conventionally known today. His younger brother Ashikaga Yoshiaki would become the fifteenth shogun
Jun 23 Turgut Reis an Ottoman Greek Admiral and privateer who also served as Bey of Algiers; Beylerbey of the Mediterranean; and first Bey, later Pasha, of Tripoli. Under his naval command the Ottoman Empire's maritime power was extended across North Africa. When Turgut was serving as pasha, he adorned and built up the city of Tripoli, making it one of the most impressive cities along the North African Coast. Known in different languages under such names as Dragut or Darghouth , the name in Turkey is Turgut Reis
Sep 13 William Farel a French evangelist, and a founder of the Reformed Church in the cantons of Neuchâtel, Berne, Geneva, and Vaud in Switzerland. He is most often remembered for having persuaded John Calvin to remain in Geneva in 1536, and for persuading him to return there in 1541, after their expulsion in 1538. They influenced the government of Geneva to the point that it became the "Protestant Rome", where Protestants took refuge and non-Protestants were driven out. Together with Calvin, Farel worked to train missionary preachers who spread the Protestant cause to other countries, and especially to France
Sep 20 Cipriano de Rore a Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance, active in Italy. Not only was he a central representative of the generation of Franco-Flemish composers after Josquin des Prez who went to live and work in Italy, but he was one of the most prominent composers of madrigals in the middle of the 16th century. His experimental, chromatic, and highly expressive style had a decisive influence on the subsequent development of that secular music form
Oct 4 Pier Paolo Vergerio an Italian religious reformer. Although at first opposed to Primož Trubar, the consolidator of the Slovene language, he later supported him and was his mentor for some time. He also contributed to the development of Croatian literature
Oct 5 Lodovico Ferrari an Italian mathematician.
Oct 12 Jean Ribault a French naval officer, navigator, and a colonizer of what would become the southeastern United States. He was a major figure in the French attempts to colonize Florida. A Huguenot and officer under Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, Ribault led an expedition to the New World in 1562 that founded the outpost of Charlesfort on Parris Island in present-day South Carolina. Two years later, he took over command of the French colony of Fort Caroline in what is now Jacksonville, Florida. He and many of his followers were killed by Spanish soldiers near Augustine 1565
Oct 14 Thomas Chaloner (statesman) an English statesman and poet.
Oct 21 John Frederick III Duke of Saxony German nobleman. He was a titular Duke of Saxony from the Ernestine branch of the House of Wettin. He received Saxe-Gotha as an apanage, but left its administration to his eldest brother
Oct 22 Jean Grolier de Servières Treasurer-General of France and a famous bibliophile. As a book collector, Grolier is known in particular for his patronage of the Aldine Press, and his love of richly decorated bookbindings
Dec 9 Pope Pius IV Pope from 25 December 1559 to his death in 1565. He is known for presiding over the final session of the Council of Trent
Dec 13 Conrad Gessner a Swiss naturalist and bibliographer. He was well known as a botanist, physician and classical linguist. His five-volume Historiae animalium is considered the beginning of modern zoology, and the flowering plant genus Gesneria and its family Gesneriaceae are named after him. A genus of moths is also named Gesneria after him. He is denoted by the author abbreviation Gesner when citing a botanical name
Dec 29 Queen Munjeong the wife of King Jungjong of Joseon.