Died in 1569

Jan 15 Catherine Carey chief Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth I, who was her first cousin.
Jan 20 Myles Coverdale a 16th-century Bible translator who produced the first complete printed translation of the Bible into English. He served as Bishop of Exeter from 1551 to 1553
Mar 13 Louis Prince of Condé (1530–1569) a prominent Huguenot leader and general, the founder of the House of Condé, a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon.
May 10 John of Ávila a Spanish priest, preacher, scholastic author, and religious mystic, who has been declared a saint and Doctor of the Church by the Catholic Church. He is called the "Apostle of Andalusia", for his extensive ministry in that region
May 27 François de Coligny d'Andelot one of the leaders of French Protestantism during the French Wars of Religion. The son of Gaspard I de Coligny, he was the younger brother of Odet, cardinal de Châtillon and Gaspard de Coligny the admiral
Jun 6 Yurii Chodkiewicz Bielsk starost in 1556, Puńsk starost in 1568, Great Master of the Pantry of Lithuania in 1554, Grand Krajczy of Lithuania in 1555, and Trakai castellan in 1566.
Sep 1 Maria Temryukovna a Circassian Tsaritsa of the Tsardom of Russia and second wife to Ivan IV of Russia.
Sep 5 Bernardo Tasso an Italian courtier and poet.
Sep 8 Mikołaj Rej a Polish poet and prose writer of the emerging Renaissance in Poland as it succeeded the Middle Ages, as well as a politician and musician. He was the first Polish author to write exclusively in the Polish language, and is considered , to be one of the founders of Polish literary language and literature
Sep 9 Pieter Bruegel the Elder a Flemish Renaissance painter and printmaker known for his landscapes and peasant scenes. He is sometimes referred to as the "Peasant Bruegel". From 1559, he dropped the "h" from his name and signed his paintings as Bruegel
Oct 9 Vladimir of Staritsa the last appanage Russian prince. His complicated relationship with his cousin, Ivan the Terrible, was dramatized in Sergei Eisenstein's movie Ivan the Terrible
Nov 24 Celio Secondo Curione an Italian humanist, grammarian and suspected antitrinitarian. He may have assisted or influenced Castellio in his anonymous tract appealing for religious tolerance
Dec 12 Philip II Metropolitan of Moscow a Russian Orthodox monk, who became Metropolitan of Moscow during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. He was one of a few Metropolitans who dared openly to contradict royal authority, and it is widely believed that the Tsar had him murdered on that account. He is venerated as a saint and martyr in the Eastern Orthodox Church