1575 in history

1575 events chronologically

Jan 25 Luanda, the capital of Angola, is founded by the Portuguese navigator Paulo Dias de Novais
Feb 8 Universiteit Leiden is founded, and given the motto Praesidium Libertatis
Feb 13 Henry III of France is crowned at Rheims and marries Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont on the same day
Mar 3 Indian Mughal Emperor Akbar defeats Bengali army at the Battle of Tukaroi
Jul 7 Raid of the Redeswire, the last major battle between England and Scotland
Oct 10 Battle of Dormans: Roman Catholic forces under Henry I, Duke of Guise defeat the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others
Oct 22 Foundation of Aguascalientes

Top 7 most famous people born in 1575

Feb 4 Pierre de Bérulle Cong. Orat. , was a French Catholic priest, cardinal and statesman, one of the most important mystics of the 17th century in France, and founder of the French school of spirituality, who could count among his friends and disciples Vincent de Paul and Francis de Sales
Feb 27 John Adolf Duke of Holstein-Gottorp a Duke of Holstein-Gottorp.
Apr 21 Francesco Molin the 99th Doge of Venice, reigning from his election on January 20, 1646 until his death. Molin's reign is notable because of Venice's participation in a prolonged war with the Ottoman Empire over Crete; this war was begun during the reign of Molin's predecessor Francesco Erizzo, and dragged on until 1669. To fund the cost of this war, Molin sold access to the Venetian patriciate at a cost of 100,000 ducats per person
Jun 26 Anne Catherine of Brandenburg queen-consort of Denmark and Norway from 1597 to 1612 as the first spouse of King Christian IV of Denmark.
Aug 15 Bartol Kašić Jesuit clergyman and grammarian during the Counter-Reformation, who wrote the first Croatian grammar and translated the Bible and the Roman Rite into Croatian.
Nov 4 Guido Reni an Italian painter of high-Baroque style.
Dec 18 Michelagnolo Galilei an Italian composer and lutenist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras, active mainly in Bavaria and Poland. He was the son of music theorist and lutenist Vincenzo Galilei, and the younger brother of the renowned astronomer Galileo Galilei

Top 7 most famous people died in 1575

Feb 21 Claude of Valois the second daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.
Mar 11 Matthias Flacius a Lutheran reformer from Istria, present day Croatia.
Mar 24 Joseph ben Ephraim Karo still authoritative for all Jews pertaining to their respective communities. To this end he is often referred to as HaMechaber and as Maran
May 17 Matthew Parker Archbishop of Canterbury from 1559 until his death in 1575. He was also an influential theologian and arguably the co-founder of a distinctive tradition of Anglican theological thought
Jul 22 Francesco Maurolico a mathematician and astronomer from Sicily. Born to a Greek family and immersed in the study of classical Greek text, throughout his lifetime he made contributions to the fields of geometry, optics, conics, mechanics, music, and astronomy. He edited the works of classical authors including Archimedes, Apollonius, Autolycus, Theodosius and Serenus. He also composed his own unique treatises on mathematics and mathematical science
Sep 5 Federico Commandino an Italian humanist and mathematician.
Sep 17 Heinrich Bullinger a Swiss reformer, the successor of Huldrych Zwingli as head of the Zurich church and pastor at Grossmünster. A much less controversial figure than John Calvin or Martin Luther, his importance has long been underestimated; recent research shows that he was one of the most influential theologians of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century