Died in 1575

Jan 4 Sidonie of Saxony a princess of the House of Wettin and by marriage Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Princess of Calenberg-Göttingen.
Jan 22 James Hamilton Duke of Châtellerault a regent for Mary, Queen of Scots.
Feb 15 Cesare I Gonzaga count of Guastalla from 1557 until his death. He was a member of the House of Gonzaga, the first-born son of the imperial condottiero Ferrante Gonzaga and Isabella di Capua. From the latter he inherited also the title of Count of Amalfi. He was also Duke of Ariano and Prince of Molfetta. On 21 May 1558 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the troops in Lombardy by Philip On 12 March 1560 he married Camilla Borromeo, sister of Charles Borromeo and niece of Giovanni Angelo de' Medici, who had recently been elected Pope with the name of Pius IV
Feb 20 Maria of Jever the last ruler of the Lordship of Jever from the Wiemken family.
Feb 21 Claude of Valois the second daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.
Mar 11 Matthias Flacius a Lutheran reformer from Istria, present day Croatia.
Mar 15 Annibale Padovano an Italian composer and organist of the late Renaissance Venetian School. He was one of the earliest developers of the keyboard toccata
Mar 24 Joseph ben Ephraim Karo still authoritative for all Jews pertaining to their respective communities. To this end he is often referred to as HaMechaber and as Maran
Apr 9 Absalon Pederssøn Beyer a Norwegian author, lecturer and Lutheran clergyman. Beyer contributed greatly to the spiritual Reformation in Norway. He is best known today for his diary or annal of contemporary events. Absalon Pederssøns dagbok 1552–1572, his diary from the years between 1552 and 1572 is one of the most important source of the information of the cultural and social history of Bergen during this period
Apr 15 Wolrad II Count of Waldeck the son of Philip III of Waldeck-Eisenberg and Adalheid of Hoya.
May 17 Matthew Parker Archbishop of Canterbury from 1559 until his death in 1575. He was also an influential theologian and arguably the co-founder of a distinctive tradition of Anglican theological thought
Jun 29 Baba Nobuharu a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period. He was known as one of the "Twenty-Four Generals of Takeda Shingen". Baba fought at the battles of Mikatagahara and Nagashino, where he led the vanguard of Takeda Katsuyori's right-wing
Jul 14 Richard Taverner best known for his Bible translation, The Most Sacred Bible whiche is the holy scripture, conteyning the old and new testament, translated into English, and newly recognised with great diligence after most faythful exemplars by Rychard Taverner, commonly known as Taverner's Bible.
Jul 22 Francesco Maurolico a mathematician and astronomer from Sicily. Born to a Greek family and immersed in the study of classical Greek text, throughout his lifetime he made contributions to the fields of geometry, optics, conics, mechanics, music, and astronomy. He edited the works of classical authors including Archimedes, Apollonius, Autolycus, Theodosius and Serenus. He also composed his own unique treatises on mathematics and mathematical science
Aug 14 Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (poet and diplomat) born in that city in 1503. He was a younger son of the Second Conde de Tendillas Íñigo López de Mendoza y Quiñones and Francisca Pacheco. The marquis of Santillana was his great-grandfather
Aug 22 Paulus Juusten the first bishop of Viipuri, and later, bishop of Turku, Finland. He was an esteemed teacher and a Swedish royal envoy
Sep 5 Federico Commandino an Italian humanist and mathematician.
Sep 17 Heinrich Bullinger a Swiss reformer, the successor of Huldrych Zwingli as head of the Zurich church and pastor at Grossmünster. A much less controversial figure than John Calvin or Martin Luther, his importance has long been underestimated; recent research shows that he was one of the most influential theologians of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century
Sep 25 Asakura Kagetake a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku era.
Oct 8 Jan Matsys a Flemish Renaissance painter known for his history paintings, genre scenes and landscapes.
Oct 17 Gaspar Cervantes de Gaeta a Spanish cardinal of the 16th century. He was a relative of the famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes
Nov 18 Joannes Aurifaber (Vimariensis) a Lutheran churchman and theologian. Owing to a similarly-named contemporary, he is sometimes distinguished by the cognomen Vimariensis or Vinariensis
Dec 18 Marcin Bielski a Polish chronicler and satirical poet. He was born of noble parentage on the patrimonial estate of Biała, Pajęczno County , in the Polish province of Sieradz. The name Wolski is derived from his estate at Wola. One of two Polish writers of the same name, he was the first to use the Polish language, hence his designation as the father of Polish prose
Dec 23 Akiyama Nobutomo a samurai during the Age of Warring States in Japan. He is known as one of the "Twenty-Four Generals of Takeda Shingen". Nobutomo also served under Shingen's son, Takeda Katsuyori
Dec 31 Pierino Belli an Italian soldier and jurist.