1575 events in history

Jan 25 Luanda, the capital of Angola, is founded by the Portuguese navigator Paulo Dias de Novais
Feb 8 Universiteit Leiden is founded, and given the motto Praesidium Libertatis
Feb 13 Henry III of France is crowned at Rheims and marries Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont on the same day
Mar 3 Indian Mughal Emperor Akbar defeats Bengali army at the Battle of Tukaroi
Jul 7 Raid of the Redeswire, the last major battle between England and Scotland
Oct 10 Battle of Dormans: Roman Catholic forces under Henry I, Duke of Guise defeat the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others
Oct 22 Foundation of Aguascalientes
Dec 16 An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 8.5 strikes Valdivia, Chile