Born in 1578

Jan 28 Cornelius Haga the first ambassador of the Dutch Republic to the Ottoman Empire.
Mar 18 Adam Elsheimer a German artist working in Rome who died at only thirty-two, but was very influential in the early 17th century. His relatively few paintings were small scale, nearly all painted on copper plates, of the type often known as cabinet paintings. They include a variety of light effects, and an innovative treatment of landscape. He was an influence on many other artists, including Rembrandt and Peter Paul Rubens
Apr 1 William Harvey an English physician. He was the first known to describe completely and in detail the systemic circulation and properties of blood being pumped to the brain and body by the heart, though earlier writers had provided precursors of the theory. After his death the William Harvey Hospital was constructed in the town of Ashford, several miles from his birthplace of Folkestone
Apr 14 Philip III of Spain King of Spain and Portugal.
Jun 5 Claude Duke of Chevreuse a French noble and husband of Marie de Rohan. He was the Duke of Chevreuse, a title which is today used by the Duke of Luynes
Jun 16 Ioan Potcoavă a prominent Cossack ataman, and Voivode of Moldavia. His moniker is said to originate in the fact that he used to ride his stallions to the point of breaking off their horseshoes; another version says that he could break and unbend both horseshoes and coins with his fists
Jul 9 Ferdinand II Holy Roman Emperor Holy Roman Emperor , King of Bohemia , and King of Hungary. His rule coincided with the Thirty Years' War
Aug 5 Charles d'Albert duc de Luynes a favourite of Louis XIII, by whom he was made a Peer of France and Constable of France before dying at the height of his influence.
Aug 17 Francesco Albani an Italian Baroque painter who was active in Bologna , Rome , Bologna , Viterbo , Bologna , Rome , Bologna , Mantova , Roma and Florence.
Aug 24 John Taylor (poet) an English poet who dubbed himself "The Water Poet".
Nov 4 Wolfgang Wilhelm Count Palatine of Neuburg a German Prince. He was Count palatine of Neuburg and Duke of Jülich and Berg
Dec 2 Agostino Agazzari an Italian composer and music theorist.
Dec 20 Henry of Lorraine Duke of Mayenne a French noble from the House of Lorraine and more particularly from the House of Guise.