Born in 1579

Feb 9 Johannes Meursius a Dutch classical scholar and antiquary.
Mar 24 Tirso de Molina a Spanish Baroque dramatist, a poet and a Roman Catholic monk.
Apr 10 Augustus the Younger Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. In the estate division of the House of Welf of 1635, he received the Principality of Wolfenbüttel
Apr 12 François de Bassompierre a French courtier.
Apr 25 John Stewart 4th Earl of Atholl a Scottish noble.
May 2 Tokugawa Hidetada the second shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, who ruled from 1605 until his abdication in 1623. He was the third son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate
Jun 17 Louis I Prince of Anhalt-Köthen a German prince of the House of Ascania and ruler of the unified principality of Anhalt. From 1603, he was ruler of the principality of Anhalt-Köthen. He was also a founder of the first German Society
Jul 2 Janusz Radziwiłł (1579–1620) a noble and magnate of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was the deputy cup-bearer of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania since 1599, the castellan of Vilnius since 1619, and the starost of Borysów. Radziwiłł also held the title of Reichsfürst of the Holy Roman Empire
Jul 13 Arthur Dee a physician and alchemist.
Aug 1 Luis Vélez de Guevara a Spanish dramatist and novelist. He was born at Écija and was of Jewish converso descent. After graduating as a sizar at the University of Osuna in 1596, he joined the household of Rodrigo de Castro, Cardinal-Archbishop of Seville, and celebrated the marriage of Philip II in a poem signed Vélez de Santander, a name which he continued to use till some years later
Aug 18 Countess Charlotte Flandrina of Nassau the fourth daughter of William the Silent and his third spouse Charlotte of Bourbon.
Aug 21 Henri Duke of Rohan a French soldier, writer and leader of the Huguenots.
Aug 23 Thomas Dempster a Scottish scholar and historian. Born into the aristocracy in Aberdeenshire, which comprises regions of both the Scottish highlands and the Scottish lowlands, he was sent abroad as a youth for his education. The Dempsters were Catholic in an increasingly Protestant country and had a reputation for being quarrelsome. Thomas' brother James, outlawed for an attack on his father, spent some years as a pirate in the northern islands, escaped by volunteering for military service in the Low Countries and was drawn and quartered there for insubordination. Thomas' father lost the family fortune in clan feuding and was beheaded for forgery
Sep 16 Samuel Coster a Dutch playwright.
Oct 4 Guido Bentivoglio an Italian cardinal, statesman and historian.
Nov 11 Frans Snyders a Flemish painter of animals and still lifes.
Dec 9 Martin de Porres O.P. was a lay brother of the Dominican Order who was beatified in 1837 by Pope Gregory XVI and canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII. He is the patron saint of mixed-race people and all those seeking interracial harmony