Born in 1598

Jan 13 François Mansart a French architect credited with introducing classicism into Baroque architecture of France. The Encyclopædia Britannica cites him as the most accomplished of 17th-century French architects whose works "are renowned for their high degree of refinement, subtlety, and elegance"
Apr 9 Johann Crüger a German composer of well-known hymns.
Apr 11 William Duke of Saxe-Weimar a duke of Saxe-Weimar.
Apr 17 Giovanni Battista Riccioli an Italian astronomer and a Catholic priest in the Jesuit order. He is known, among other things, for his experiments with pendulums and with falling bodies, for his discussion of 126 arguments concerning the motion of the Earth, and for introducing the current scheme of lunar nomenclature
Apr 23 Maarten Tromp an officer and later admiral in the Dutch navy. His first name is also spelled as Maerten
Apr 27 Michael van Langren a Dutch astronomer and cartographer. His Latinized name is Langrenus
May 23 Claude Mellan a French engraver and painter.
Jun 19 Gilbert Sheldon an English Archbishop of Canterbury.
Jul 6 Kirsten Munk a Danish noble, the second spouse of King Christian IV of Denmark, and mother to twelve of his children.
Jul 31 Alessandro Algardi an Italian high-Baroque sculptor active almost exclusively in Rome, where for the latter decades of his life, he was, along with Francesco Borromini and Pietro da Cortona, one of the major rivals of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
Aug 7 Georg Stiernhielm a Swedish civil servant, linguist and poet.
Sep 27 Robert Blake (admiral) one of the most important military commanders of the Commonwealth of England and one of the most famous English admirals of the 17th century, whose successes have "never been excelled, not even by Nelson" according to one biographer. Blake is recognised as the chief founder of England's naval supremacy, a dominance subsequently inherited by the British Royal Navy into the early 20th century. Despite this, due to deliberate attempts to expunge the Parliamentarians from history following the Restoration, Blake's achievements tend not to receive the full recognition that they deserve
Oct 14 Nicolas de Neufville de Villeroy a French nobleman and marshal of France. He was marquis then 1st duke of Villeroy and peer of France, marquis d'Alincourt and lord of Magny, and acted as governor of the young Louis XIV. His son François succeeded him as duke. He was the lover of Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont
Oct 27 Lars Stigzelius Archbishop of Uppsala in the Church of Sweden from 1670 to his death.
Nov 7 Francisco de Zurbarán a Spanish painter. He is known primarily for his religious paintings depicting monks, nuns, and martyrs, and for his still-lifes. Zurbarán gained the nickname Spanish Caravaggio, owing to the forceful, realistic use of chiaroscuro in which he excelled
Nov 13 Bartholomeus Breenbergh a Dutch Golden Age painter of Italian and Italianate landscapes, in Rome and Amsterdam.
Nov 28 Hans Nansen a Danish statesman.
Dec 7 Gian Lorenzo Bernini an Italian artist and a prominent architect who worked principally in Rome. He was the leading sculptor of his age, credited with creating the Baroque style of sculpture. In addition, he painted, wrote plays, and designed metalwork and stage sets