Died in 1602

Feb 13 Alexander Nowell a Protestant, Reformed, Calvinistic and Anglican theologian and clergyman. He served as dean of St Paul's during much of Elizabeth I's reign. He was also the uncle and sponsor of another Reformed theological luminary in England, William Whitaker
Feb 19 Philippe Emmanuel Duke of Mercœur a French soldier and prominent member of the Catholic League.
Mar 11 Emilio de' Cavalieri an Italian composer, producer, organist, diplomat, choreographer and dancer at the end of the Renaissance era. His work, along with that of other composers active in Rome, Florence and Venice, was critical in defining the beginning of the musical Baroque era. A member of the Roman School of composers, he was an influential early composer of monody, and wrote what is usually considered to be the first oratorio
Mar 22 Agostino Carracci an Italian painter and printmaker. He was the brother of the more famous Annibale and cousin of Lodovico Carracci
May 22 Renata of Lorraine Duchess of Bavaria from 1568 to 1597.
Jul 4 Anna of Mecklenburg a Duchess consort of Courland. She married the Duke of Courland, Gotthard Kettler, on 11 March 1566 in Königsberg. She was the daughter of Albrecht VII, Duke of Mecklenburg and Anna of Brandenburg. Anna is the first woman in Livonia, whose life story is entirely historically confirmed
Jul 7 Friedrich Wilhelm I Duke of Saxe-Weimar a duke of Saxe-Weimar. He was the eldest son of Johann Wilhelm, Duke of Saxe-Weimar and Dorothea Susanne of Simmern
Jul 31 Charles de Gontaut duc de Biron a French soldier whose military achievements were accompanied by plotting to dismember France and set himself up as ruler of an independent Burgundy.
Aug 12 Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak the vizier of the great Mughal emperor Akbar, and author of the Akbarnama, the official history of Akbar's reign in three volumes, and a Persian translation of the Bible. He was also one of the Nine Jewels of Akbar's royal court and the brother of Faizi, the poet laureate of emperor Akbar
Aug 29 Sebastian Klonowic a Polish poet and composer.
Sep 25 Caspar Peucer a German reformer, physician, and scholar of Sorbian origin.
Sep 30 Catherine of Brandenburg-Küstrin a Margravine of Brandenburg-Küstrin by birth and Electress of Brandenburg by marriage.
Oct 1 Hernando de Cabezón a Spanish composer and organist, son of Antonio de Cabezón. Only a few of his works are extant today, and he is chiefly remembered for publishing the bulk of his father's work
Oct 21 David I of Kakheti a king of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from October 1601 until his death in October 1602.
Oct 28 John Prince of Schleswig-Holstein the youngest son of Frederick II of Denmark and Norway and Sophia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He went to Russia in 1602 as the bridegroom of Boris Godunov's daughter Ksenia , but fell ill and died before the marriage could take place
Oct 30 Jean-Jacques Boissard a French antiquary and Neo-Latin poet.
Dec 1 Kobayakawa Hideaki the fifth son of Kinoshita Iesada and the nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.