Died in 1604

Jan 10 Juliana of Lazarevo a saint of the Orthodox Church. She was born in Moscow, to Justin and Stefanida Nedyurev, and married Giorgi Osorgin, owner of the village of Lazarevo, near Murom. She lived a righteous life, consecrating herself to helping poor and needy people
Jan 18 Luis de Velasco marqués de Salinas Spanish nobleman, son of the second viceroy of New Spain, and himself the eighth viceroy. He governed from January 27, 1590 to November 4, 1595, and again from July 2, 1607 to June 10, 1611. In between he was viceroy of Peru for eight years
Feb 13 Catherine de Bourbon the daughter of Queen Joan III and King Anthony of Navarre.
Feb 29 John Whitgift the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1583 to his death. Noted for his hospitality, he was somewhat ostentatious in his habits, sometimes visiting Canterbury and other towns attended by a retinue of 800 horses. Whitgift's theological views were often controversial
Mar 4 Fausto Sozzini an Italian theologian and founder of the school of Christian thought known as Socinianism and the main theologian of Polish Brethren.
Mar 13 Arnaud d'Ossat a French diplomat and writer, and a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, whose personal tact and diplomatic skill steered the perilous course of French diplomacy with the Papacy in the reign of Henry IV of France.
Apr 19 Kuroda Yoshitaka a Japanese daimyo of the late Sengoku through early Edo periods. Renowned as a man of great ambition, he was a chief strategist and an adviser to Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Apr 25 Pietro de' Medici the youngest son of Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and Eleonora di Toledo.
May 4 Claudio Merulo an Italian composer, publisher and organist of the late Renaissance period, most famous for his innovative keyboard music and his ensemble music composed in the Venetian polychoral style. He was born in Correggio and died in Parma. He was born Claudio Merlotti and he Latinised his surname when he became famous in Venetian cultural clubs
May 13 Christine of Hesse Duchess consort of Holstein-Gottorp as the spouse of Duke Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp. She exerted some political influence as a widow after 1586
Jun 24 Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford an English peer and courtier of the Elizabethan era. Oxford was heir to the second oldest earldom in the kingdom, a court favourite for a time, a sought-after patron of the arts, and noted by his contemporaries as a lyric poet and playwright, but his reckless and volatile temperament precluded him from attaining any courtly or governmental responsibility and contributed to the dissipation of his estate. Since the 1920s he has been the most popular alternative candidate proposed for the authorship of Shakespeare's works
Aug 3 Bernardino de Mendoza a Spanish military commander, a diplomat and a writer on military history and politics.
Aug 8 Horio Tadauji a tozama daimyō in the Azuchi-Momoyama period and Edo period. His father was Horio Yoshiharu
Aug 12 John I Count Palatine of Zweibrücken Count Palatine and Duke of Zweibrücken during 1569-1604.
Sep 10 William Morgan (Bible translator) Bishop of Llandaff and of St Asaph, and the translator of the first version of the whole Bible into Welsh from Greek and Hebrew.
Sep 17 Lucas Osiander the Elder a German pastor of the Evangelischen Landeskirche in Württemberg. He was a son of the reformer Andreas Osiander and father to Lucas Osiander the Younger
Oct 9 Louis IV Landgrave of Hesse-Marburg the son of Landgrave Philip I of Hesse and his wife Christine of Saxony. After the death of his father in 1567, Hesse was divided among his sons and Louis received Hesse-Marburg including Marburg and Giessen
Oct 18 Igram van Achelen a Dutch statesman.
Oct 25 Claude de La Trémoille a sixteenth-century French nobleman of the La Tremoille family. He was the son of Louis III de La Trémoille and his wife, Jeanne de Montmorency
Nov 23 Francesco Barozzi an Italian mathematician, astronomer and humanist.
Nov 29 Ercole Lord of Monaco Lord of Monaco from 17 May 1589 to 29 November 1604.
Nov 29 Charles II Lord of Monaco Lord of Monaco from 7 October 1581 to 17 May 1589.