Died in 1612

Jan 11 Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah the fifth sultan of the Qutb Shahi dynasty of Golkonda and founded the city of Hyderabad, in South-central India and built its architectural centerpiece, the Charminar. He was an able administrator and his reign is considered one of the high points of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. Hyderabad was named after his beloved wife Bhagamati, who was bestowed the title Hyder Mahal by the sultan. He ascended to the throne in 1580 at the age of 15 and ruled for 31 years
Jan 20 Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor Holy Roman Emperor , King of Hungary and Croatia , King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria. He was a member of the House of Habsburg
Feb 6 Christopher Clavius a German Jesuit mathematician and astronomer who modified the proposal of the modern Gregorian calendar after the death of its primary author, Luigi Lilio. Clavius would later write defences and an explanation of the reformed calendar, including an emphatic acknowledgement of Lilio's work. In his last years he was probably the most respected astronomer in Europe and his textbooks were used for astronomical education for over fifty years in and even out of Europe
Feb 9 Vincenzo Gonzaga Duke of Mantua ruler of the Duchy of Mantua and the Duchy of Montferrat from 1587 to 1612.
Feb 12 Jodocus Hondius a Flemish / Dutch engraver, and cartographer. He is best known for his early maps of the New World and Europe, for re-establishing the reputation of the work of Gerard Mercator, and for his portraits of Francis Drake. He helped establish Amsterdam as the center of cartography in Europe in the 17th century
Feb 17 Ernest of Bavaria Prince-elector-archbishop of the Archbishopric of Cologne from 1583 to 1612 as successor of the expelled Gebhard Truchsess von Waldburg. He was also bishop of Münster, Hildesheim, Freising and Liège
Feb 17 Patriarch Hermogenes of Moscow the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia from 1606. It was he who inspired the popular uprising that put an end to the Time of Troubles. Hermogenes was glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1913
Mar 19 Sophia Olelkovich Radziwill the last descendant of the family Olelkovich-Slutsk who were descended from Prince Algirdas. She was canonized by the Orthodox Church in 1983. The church of Sophia of Slutsk in Minsk is named after her
Apr 8 Anne Catherine of Brandenburg queen-consort of Denmark and Norway from 1597 to 1612 as the first spouse of King Christian IV of Denmark.
Apr 11 Emanuel van Meteren a Flemish historian and Consul for "the Traders of the Low Countries" in London. He was born in Antwerp, the son of Sir Jacobus van Meteren, Dutch financier and publisher of early English versions of the Bible, and Orrilia Ortellius, of the famous Ortellius family of mapmakers, and nephew of the cartographer Abraham Ortelius
Apr 11 Edward Wightman an English radical Anabaptist, executed at Lichfield on charges of heresy. He was the last person to be burned at the stake for heresy in England
Apr 13 Sasaki Kojirō a prominent Japanese swordsman widely considered a master of his craft, born in Fukui Prefecture. He lived during the Sengoku and early Edo periods and is most remembered for his death while battling Miyamoto Musashi in 1612
May 19 Satake Yoshishige a Japanese daimyo of the Sengoku period. He was the 18th generation head of the Satake clan. He was renowned for his ferocity in battle; he was also known by the nickname of "Ogre Yoshishige". He often fought against the Late Hōjō clan, who were extending their power into southern Hitachi. One such encounter was the Battle of Numajiri, where 20,000 men under Yoshishige fought 80,000 Hojo troops. The Satake won, due in part to the use of over 8600 matchlock rifles by their troops
May 24 Robert Cecil 1st Earl of Salisbury an English administrator and politician.
Jun 8 Hans Leo Hassler a German composer and organist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras, elder brother of composer Jakob Hassler. He was born in Nuremberg and died in Frankfurt am Main
Jun 26 Roger Manners 5th Earl of Rutland the eldest surviving son of John Manners, 4th Earl of Rutland and his wife, Elizabeth nee Charleton. He travelled across Europe, took part in military campaigns led by Essex, and was a participant of Essex's rebellion against Queen Elizabeth He was favoured by James I, and honoured by his contemporaries as a man of great intelligence and talent. He enjoyed the friendship of some of the most prominent writers and artists of the Elizabethan-Jacobean age. In 1603 he led an Embassy to Denmark, homeland of James' Queen Anne of Denmark
Jul 29 Jacques Bongars born at Orléans, and was brought up in the reformed faith. He obtained his early education at Marburg and Jena, and returning to France continued his studies at Orléans and Bourges. After spending some time in Rome he visited eastern Europe, and subsequently made the acquaintance of Ségur Pardaillan, a representative of Henry, king of Navarre, afterwards Henry IV of France. He entered the service of Pardaillan, and in 1587 was sent on a mission to many of the princes of northern Europe, after which he visited England to obtain help from Queen Elizabeth for Henry of Navarre. He continued to serve Henry as a diplomatist, and in 1593 became the representative of the French king at the courts of the imperial princes. Vigorously seconding the efforts of Henry to curtail the power of the house of Habsburg, he spent health and money ungrudgingly in this service, and continued his labors until the king's murder in 1610. He then returned to France, and died at Paris
Aug 4 Hugh Broughton an English scholar and theologian.
Aug 12 Giovanni Gabrieli an Italian composer and organist. He was one of the most influential musicians of his time, and represents the culmination of the style of the Venetian School, at the time of the shift from Renaissance to Baroque idioms
Sep 9 Nakagawa Hidenari a Japanese daimyo in the Azuchi-Momoyama to Edo period. He was the 2nd son of Nakagawa Kiyohide
Sep 12 Vasili IV of Russia Tsar of Russia between 1606 and 1610 after the murder of False Dmitriy His reign fell during the Time of Troubles. He was the only member of House of Shuysky to become Tsar and the last member of the Rurikid dynasty to rule
Sep 13 Karin Månsdotter Queen of Sweden, first a mistress and then, for a few months in 1568, the consort of Eric XIV of Sweden. The asteroid 832 Karin is named in her honour
Sep 24 Johannes Lippius a German Protestant theologian, philosopher, composer, and music theorist. He coined the term "harmonic triad" in his "Synopsis of New Music"
Sep 27 Piotr Skarga a Polish Jesuit, preacher, hagiographer, polemicist, and leading figure of the Counter-Reformation in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Due to his oratorical gifts, he has been called "the Polish Bossuet"
Oct 7 Giovanni Battista Guarini an Italian poet, dramatist, and diplomat.
Nov 1 Charles Count of Soissons a French prince du sang and military commander during the struggles over religion and the throne in late 16th century France. A first cousin of King Henry IV of France, he was the son of the Huguenot leader Louis I de Bourbon, prince de Condé and his second wife, Françoise d'Orléans-Longueville. He gave his name to the Hotel de Soissons after his title Count of Soissons
Nov 6 Henry Frederick Prince of Wales the elder son of King James I & VI and Anne of Denmark. His name derives from his grandfathers: Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and Frederick II of Denmark. Prince Henry was widely seen as a bright and promising heir to his father's thrones. However, at the age of 18, he predeceased his father when he died of typhoid fever. His younger brother Charles succeeded him as heir apparent to the English and Scottish thrones
Nov 20 John Harington (writer) a courtier, author and master of art, popularly known as the inventor of the flush toilet. He became a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth I's court, and was known as her "saucy Godson". But because of his poetry and other writings, he fell in and out of favour with the Queen
Dec 5 John Almond (martyr) born circa 1577 and ordained in 1598. He was martyred on 5 December 1612. Canonized in 1970, John Almond is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales
Dec 22 Francesco IV Gonzaga Duke of Mantua Duke of Mantua and Duke of Montferrat between 9 February and 22 December 1612.