Died in 1613

Jan 27 Anna of Saxony (1567–1613) a German noblewoman member of the House of Wettin and by marriage Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Eisenach.
Jan 28 Thomas Bodley an English diplomat and scholar, founder of the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Feb 16 Mikalojus Daukša a Lithuanian and Latin religious writer, translator and a Catholic church official. He is best known as the first among Lithuania's humanists to underline the need to codify and promote the Lithuanian language over Chancery Ruthenian and Polish, which were in use in the Grand Duchy at the time. Daukša's Lithuanian translation of Jacob Ledesma's catechism became the first book in Lithuanian to be published in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Mar 27 Sigismund Báthory Prince of Transylvania.
Apr 27 Robert Abercromby (missionary) also spelled as Abrecromby and Abercrombie, and was known by such pseudonyms as Robert Sandiesoun and Sanders Robertson, was a Scottish Jesuit missionary.
May 16 Jerzy Mniszech a nobleman in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Member of the Mniszchowie family. Krajczy koronny in 1574, castellan of Radom in 1583, voivode of Sandomierz Voivodship in 1590, żupnik ruski, starost of Lwów in 1593, starost of Sambor, Sokal, Sanok, Rohatyn
Jun 8 Cigoli an Italian painter and architect of the late Mannerist and early Baroque period, trained and active in his early career in Florence, and spending the last nine years of his life in Rome.
Jul 2 Bartholomaeus Pitiscus a 16th-century German trigonometrist, astronomer and theologian who first coined the word Trigonometry.
Jul 8 Ipatii Potii the Ukrainian Metropolitan of Kiev and Galychyna from 1599 to his death in 1613. He played an active role in the 1595 Union of Brest of which he was a firm supporter. He was also a writer, polemist and theologian
Jul 20 Sebastian Lubomirski a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman.
Jul 30 Henry Julius Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and prince of Wolfenbüttel from 1589 until his death. In 1576 he had become the first rector of the Protestant University of Helmstedt
Aug 7 Thomas Fleming (judge) an English judge and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1581 and 1611. He was judge in the trial of Guy Fawkes following the Gunpowder Plot. He held several important offices, including Lord Chief Justice, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer and Solicitor General for England and Wales
Aug 18 Giovanni Artusi an Italian theorist, composer, and writer.
Aug 25 David Gans a Jewish chronicler, mathematician, historian, astronomer and astrologer. He is the author of "Tzemach David"
Sep 8 Carlo Gesualdo an Italian nobleman, lutenist, composer and murderer.
Sep 14 Thomas Overbury an English poet and essayist, also known for being the victim of a murder which led to a scandalous trial. His poem A Wife , which depicted the virtues that a young man should demand of a woman, played a large role in the events that precipitated his murder
Oct 26 Johann Bauhin a Swiss botanist, born in Basel. He was the son of physician Jean Bauhin and the brother of physician and botanist Gaspard Bauhin
Nov 16 Trajano Boccalini an Italian satirist.
Dec 6 Anton Praetorius a German Calvinist pastor who spoke out against the persecution of witches and against torture.