Died in 1617

Jan 1 Hendrik Goltzius a Dutch printmaker, draftsman, and painter. He was the leading Dutch engraver of the early Baroque period, or Northern Mannerism, noted for his sophisticated technique and the "exuberance" of his compositions. According to Hyatt Mayor, Goltzius "was the last professional engraver who drew with the authority of a good painter and the last who invented many pictures for others to copy". In middle age he also began to produce paintings
Jan 17 Fausto Veranzio a polymath and bishop from the Venetian Republic.
Feb 3 Prospero Alpini an Italian physician and botanist from the Republic of Venice.
Feb 4 Lodewijk Elzevir a printer, born in the city of Leuven. He was the founder of the House of Elzevir, which printed, for example, the work of Galileo, at a time when his work was suppressed for religious reasons. Although the House of Elzevir ceased publishing in 1712, the modern Dutch Elsevier company was founded in 1880 and took its name from the historic Dutch publishing house
Mar 9 Alonso de Ribera a Spanish soldier and twice Spanish royal governor of Chile.
Apr 4 John Napier a Scottish landowner known as a mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. He was the 8th Laird of Merchistoun
Apr 5 Alonso Lobo a Spanish composer of the late Renaissance. Although not as famous as Tomás Luis de Victoria, he was highly regarded at the time, and Victoria himself considered him to be his equal
Apr 24 Concino Concini an Italian politician, best known for being a minister of Louis XIII of France, as the favourite of his mother.
May 7 David Fabricius a German pastor who made two major discoveries in the early days of telescopic astronomy, jointly with his eldest son, Johannes Fabricius.
May 7 Jacques Auguste de Thou a French historian, book collector and president of the Parlement de Paris.
May 11 Jean Chapeauville a Belgian theologian and historian.
Jul 13 Adam Wenceslaus Duke of Cieszyn a Duke of Cieszyn from 1579 until his death.
Aug 8 Tarquinia Molza an Italian singer, poet, conductor, composer, and natural philosopher. She was considered a great virtuosa. She was involved with the famous Concerto delle donne, although whether she sang with them or coached them is not clear. She also played the viola bastarda
Aug 13 Johann Jakob Grynaeus a Swiss Protestant divine.
Aug 24 Rose of Lima Saint Rose of Lima, T.O.S.D. was a Spanish colonist in Lima, Peru, who became known for both her life of severe asceticism and her care of the needy of the city through her own private efforts. A lay member of the Dominican Order, she was the first person born in the Americas to be canonized by the Catholic Church
Sep 3 Giovanni Bassano an Italian Venetian School composer and cornettist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. He was a key figure in the development of the instrumental ensemble at Mark's basilica, and left a detailed book on instrumental ornamentation, which is a rich resource for research in contemporary performance practice. It was Bassano who was most responsible for the performance of the music of Giovanni Gabrieli, who would emerge as one of the most renowned members of the Venetian School
Sep 13 Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn a Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, Echter was born in Mespelbrunn Castle, Spessart and died in Würzburg.
Sep 25 Francisco Suárez a Spanish Jesuit priest, philosopher and theologian, one of the leading figures of the School of Salamanca movement, and generally regarded among the greatest scholastics after Thomas Aquinas. His work is considered a turning point in the history of second scholasticism, marking the transition from its Renaissance to its Baroque phases. According to Christopher Shields and Daniel Schwartz, "figures as distinct from one another in place, time, and philosophical orientation as Leibniz, Grotius, Pufendorf, Schopenhauer, and Heidegger, all found reason to cite him as a source of inspiration and influence."
Sep 25 Emperor Go-Yōzei the 107th Emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Sep 30 Charlotte de Sauve a French noblewoman and a mistress of King Henry of Navarre, who later ruled as King Henry IV of France. She was a member of Queen Mother Catherine de' Medici's notorious "Flying Squadron" , a group of beautiful female spies and informants recruited to seduce important men at Court, and thereby extract information to pass on to the Queen Mother
Oct 10 Bernardino Baldi an Italian mathematician and writer.
Oct 27 Ralph Winwood an English diplomat and politician.
Nov 10 Barnabe Rich an English author and soldier, and a distant relative of Lord Chancellor Rich.
Nov 22 Ahmed I the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1603 until his death in 1617.