Born in 1619

Feb 24 Robert Aske (merchant) a merchant in the City of London. He is remembered primarily for the charitable foundation created from his estate, which nowadays operates two schools in Hertfordshire, Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School and Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls, and others elsewhere
Feb 24 Charles Le Brun a French painter and art theorist. Declared by Louis XIV "the greatest French artist of all time", he was a dominant figure in 17th-century French art and much influenced by Nicolas Poussin
Feb 26 Francesco Morosini the Doge of Venice from 1688 to 1694, at the height of the Great Turkish War. He was a member of a famous noble Venetian family which produced several Doges and generals. He "dressed always in red from top to toe and never went into action without his cat beside him on the poop."
Feb 28 Giuseppe Felice Tosi an Italian composer and organist, and the father of Pier Francesco Tosi, also a successful composer.
Mar 2 Marcantonio Giustinian the 107th Doge of Venice, reigning from his election on January 26, 1684 until his death. Giustiniani was the quintessential Doge of the Republic of Venice, taking little interest in affairs of state. He had little role in the conduct of the Morean War , which was raging during his time as Doge, though a number of military victories were secured by provveditore Francesco Morosini, who would later be Giustinian's successor as Doge
Mar 6 Cyrano de Bergerac a French dramatist and duelist. In fictional works about his life he is featured with an overly large nose, which people would travel from miles around to see. Portraits suggest that he did have a big nose, though not nearly as large as described in works about him. Cyrano's work furnished models and ideas for subsequent writers
Mar 20 Georg Albrecht Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth-Kulmbach a German prince and member of the House of Hohenzollern.
Mar 28 Maurice Duke of Saxe-Zeitz a duke of Saxe-Zeitz and member of the House of Wettin.
Apr 21 Jan van Riebeeck a Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town.
May 24 Philips Wouwerman a Dutch painter of hunting, landscape and battle scenes.
Jun 24 Rijcklof van Goens the Governor of Zeylan and Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. He was the Governor of Zeylan from 12 May 1660 to 1661, then in 1663 and finally from 19 November 1664 to 1675 during the Dutch period in Ceylon
Aug 6 Barbara Strozzi an Italian Baroque singer and composer.
Aug 29 Jean-Baptiste Colbert a French politician who served as the Minister of Finances of France from 1665 to 1683 under the rule of King Louis XIV. His relentless hard work and thrift made him an esteemed minister. He achieved a reputation for his work of improving the state of French manufacturing and bringing the economy back from the brink of bankruptcy. Historians note that, despite Colbert's efforts, France actually became increasingly impoverished because of the King's excessive spending on wars. Colbert worked to create a favourable balance of trade and increase France's colonial holdings
Oct 8 Philipp von Zesen a German poet, hymnist and writer. Some of his works are published under his pen name Ritterhold von Blauen
Oct 10 Princess Elisabeth Sophie of Saxe-Altenburg a princess of Saxe-Altenburg and, by marriage, duchess of Saxe-Gotha.
Oct 18 Jean Armand de Maillé-Brézé a French admiral.
Nov 5 Philip de Koninck a Dutch landscape painter and younger brother of Jacob Koninck.
Nov 7 Gédéon Tallemant des Réaux a French writer known for his Historiettes, a collection of short biographies.
Dec 13 Andrij Savka a Lemko bandit and folk hero from Dukla. He was born in 1619 in Stebník. In 1651, he led 500 men as part of a peasant revolt known as the Kostka-Napierski Uprising. He was the son of a church cantor, and had some education
Dec 17 Prince Rupert of the Rhine a noted German soldier, admiral, scientist, sportsman, colonial governor and amateur artist during the 17th century. Rupert was a younger son of the German prince Frederick V, Elector Palatine and his wife Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of James I of England. Thus Rupert was the nephew of King Charles I of England, who made him Duke of Cumberland and Earl of Holderness, and the first cousin of King Charles II of England. His sister Electress Sophia was the mother of George I of Great Britain
Dec 28 Antoine Furetière born in Paris.