Born in 1623

Mar 4 Jacob van der Does a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.
Apr 11 Decio Azzolino an Italian Catholic Cardinal, code-breaker, investigator and leader of the Squadrone Volante.
Apr 30 François de Laval the first Roman Catholic bishop of Quebec, appointed when he was 36 years old by Pope Alexander VII.
May 26 William Petty an English economist, scientist and philosopher. He first became prominent serving Oliver Cromwell and Commonwealth in Ireland. He developed efficient methods to survey the land that was to be confiscated and given to Cromwell's soldiers. He also managed to remain prominent under King Charles II and King James II, as did many others who had served Cromwell
May 30 Wallerant Vaillant a painter of the Dutch Golden Age and one of the first artists to use the mezzotint technique, which he probably helped to develop.
May 30 John Egerton 2nd Earl of Bridgewater an English nobleman.
Jun 15 Cornelis de Witt a Dutch politician.
Jun 19 Blaise Pascal a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Christian philosopher. He was a child prodigy who was educated by his father, a tax collector in Rouen. Pascal's earliest work was in the natural and applied sciences where he made important contributions to the study of fluids, and clarified the concepts of pressure and vacuum by generalizing the work of Evangelista Torricelli. Pascal also wrote in defense of the scientific method
Jul 4 William Byrd an English composer of the Renaissance. He wrote in many of the forms current in England at the time, including various types of sacred and secular polyphony, keyboard , and consort music. He produced sacred music for use in Anglican services, although he himself became a Roman Catholic in later life and wrote Catholic sacred music as well
Jul 6 Jacopo Melani an Italian composer and violinist of the Baroque era. He was born and died in Pistoia, and was the brother of composer Alessandro Melani and singer Atto Melani
Aug 5 Antonio Cesti also a singer , and organist. He was "the most celebrated Italian musician of his generation"
Aug 13 Sir John Morden 1st Baronet a successful English merchant and philanthropist who also served briefly as an He established Morden College in Blackheath, south-east London as a home for retired merchants; as a charity, it continues to provide residential care over 300 years later.
Aug 23 Stanisław Lubieniecki a Polish Socinian theologist, historian, astronomer, and writer. He is the eponym of the lunar crater Lubiniezky
Oct 2 Patriarch Adrian of Moscow the last pre-revolutionary Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
Oct 17 Francis Turretin a Swiss-Italian Reformed scholastic theologian.
Oct 28 Johann Grueber an Austrian Jesuit missionary and astronomer in China, and noted explorer.
Dec 1 Christian Louis I Duke of Mecklenburg a reigning Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.