Born in 1624

Jan 7 Guarino Guarini an Italian architect of the Piedmontese Baroque, active in Turin as well as Sicily, France, and Portugal. He was a Theatine priest, mathematician, and writer
Jan 9 Empress Meishō the 109th Imperial ruler of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Jan 16 Pierre Lambert de la Motte a French bishop. He was a founding member of the Paris Foreign Missions Society and became a missionary in Asia
Jan 31 Arnold Geulincx a Flemish philosopher. He was one of the followers of René Descartes who tried to work out more detailed versions of a generally Cartesian philosophy. Samuel Beckett cited Geulincx as a key influence and interlocutor because of Geulincx's emphasis on the powerlessness and ignorance of the human condition
Feb 11 Lambert Doomer a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.
Apr 12 Charles Amadeus Duke of Nemours a French military leader and magnate. He was the father of the penultimate Duchess of Savoy and of a Queen of Portugal
May 13 Aleksander Kazimierz Sapieha a Polish nobleman and bishop of Samogitia since 1660 and Wilno since 1667.
Jun 15 Hiob Ludolf a German orientalist, and born at Erfurt. Edward Ullendorff rates Ludolf as having "the most illustrious name in Ethiopic scholarship"
Aug 22 Jean Regnault de Segrais a French poet and novelist born in Caen. He was elected a member of the Académie française in 1662
Aug 25 François de la Chaise a French Jesuit priest, the father confessor of King Louis XIV of France.
Aug 27 Koxinga a Chinese military leader who was born in Hirado, Japan to the Chinese merchant/pirate Zheng Zhilong and his Japanese wife Tagawa Matsu, and died on Formosa.
Sep 10 Thomas Sydenham an English physician. He was the author of Observationes Medicae which became a standard textbook of medicine for two centuries so that he became known as 'The English Hippocrates’. Among his many achievements was the discovery of a disease, Sydenham's Chorea, also known as St Vitus Dance
Sep 15 Francesco Provenzale an Italian Baroque composer and teacher. Notably Provenzale was the teacher of famed castrato 'il cavaliere Nicolo Grimaldi '
Oct 9 Murad Bakhsh a Mughal prince as the youngest son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his Empress consort Mumtaz Mahal. He was the Subedar of Balkh until he was replaced by his brother Aurangzeb in the year 1647
Oct 26 Dosoftei a Moldavian Metropolitan, scholar, poet and translator.
Oct 30 Paul Pellisson a French author.
Nov 3 Jean II d'Estrées a Marshal of France, and an important naval commander of Louis XIV. He was born to a noble family from Picardie. His aunt was Gabrielle d'Estrées, lover of King Henry IV of France
Nov 16 Barent Fabritius a Dutch painter.
Dec 25 Angelus Silesius a German Catholic priest and physician, known as a mystic and religious poet. Born and raised a Lutheran, he adopted the name Angelus and the surname Silesius on converting to Catholicism in 1653. While studying in the Netherlands, he began to read the works of medieval mystics and became acquainted with the works of the German mystic Jacob Böhme through Böhme's friend, Abraham von Franckenberg. Silesius's mystical beliefs caused tension between him and Lutheran authorities and led to his eventual conversion to Catholicism. He took holy orders under the Franciscans and was ordained a priest in 1661. Ten years later, in 1671, he retired to a Jesuit house where he remained for the rest of his life