Died in 1627

Feb 12 Karl I Prince of Liechtenstein the first Liechtenstein to become the Prince of Liechtenstein, thus he was the founder of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.
Feb 22 Olivier van Noort the first Dutchman to circumnavigate the world.
Mar 3 Krzysztof Zbaraski a Polish-Lithuanian member of the gentry social class. During his life he was a Master of the Stables of the Crown , a member of special committee for Cossacks and tariffs, a skilled diplomat, and a politician of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was Starost of Krzemieniów, Wiślica, Hrubieszów and Bolesławiec
Apr 27 Adriaen Block best known for exploring the coastal and river valley areas between present-day New Jersey and Massachusetts during four voyages from 1611 to 1614, following the 1609 expedition by Henry Hudson. He is noted for having named Block Island, Rhode Island, and establishing early trade with the Native Americans, and for the 1614 map of his last voyage on which many features of the mid-Atlantic region appear for the first time, and on which the term New Netherland is first applied to the region. He is credited with being the first European to enter Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River and to determine that Manhattan and Long Island are islands
May 2 Lodovico Grossi da Viadana an Italian composer, teacher, and Franciscan friar of the Order of Friars Minor Observants. He was the first significant figure to make use of the newly developed technique of figured bass, one of the musical devices which was to define the end of the Renaissance and beginning of the Baroque eras in music
May 24 Luis de Góngora a Spanish Baroque lyric poet. Góngora and his lifelong rival, Francisco de Quevedo, are widely considered the most prominent Spanish poets of all time. His style is characterized by what was called culteranismo, also known as Gongorism. This style existed in stark contrast to Quevedo's conceptismo
Jun 27 John Hayward (historian) an English historian, lawyer and politician.
Jul 9 Dirk Rafaelsz Camphuysen a Dutch painter, poet and theologian.
Jul 17 Lieven de Key a famous Dutch renaissance architect in the Netherlands, mostly known today for his works in Haarlem.
Jul 20 Guðbrandur Þorláksson an Icelandic mathematician, cartographer and clergyman.
Aug 21 Jacques Mauduit a French composer of the late Renaissance. He was one of the most innovative French composers of the late 16th century, combining voices and instruments in new ways, and importing some of the grand polychoral style of the Venetian School from Italy; he also composed a famous Requiem for the funeral of Pierre de Ronsard
Aug 27 Francesco Maria del Monte an Italian Cardinal, diplomat and connoisseur of the arts. His fame today rests on his early patronage of the important Baroque master Caravaggio, and on his art collection which provides provenance for many important works of the period
Sep 8 Juan Sánchez Cotán a Spanish Baroque painter, a pioneer of realism in Spain. His still lifes—also called bodegones—were painted in an austere style, especially when compared to similar works in Netherlands and Italy
Sep 20 Jan Gruter a Flemish-born philologist, scholar, and librarian.
Sep 30 Tianqi Emperor the 15th emperor of the Ming dynasty from 1620 to 1627. Born Zhu Youxiao, he was the Taichang Emperor's eldest son. His era name means "Heavenly opening"
Oct 21 Frederick de Houtman a Dutch explorer who sailed along the Western coast of Australia en route to Batavia, nowadays known as Jakarta in Indonesia. He made pioneering observations of the southern stars that contributed to the creation of 12 new southern constellations
Nov 7 Jahangir the fourth Mughal Emperor who ruled from 1605 until his death in 1627.
Dec 25 Vincenzo II Gonzaga Duke of Mantua Duke of Mantua and Duke of Montferrat from 1626 until his death.