Born in 1628

Jan 1 Christoph Bernhard born in Kolberg, Pomerania, and died in Dresden. He studied with former Sweelinck-pupil Paul Siefert in Danzig and in Warsaw By the age of 20 he was singing at the electoral court in Dresden under Heinrich Schütz. He then spent a year in Copenhagen to study singing with Agostino Fontana
Jan 8 François-Henri de Montmorency duc de Luxembourg a French general, marshal of France, famous as the comrade and successor of the great Condé.
Jan 10 George Villiers 2nd Duke of Buckingham an English statesman and poet from the Villiers family.
Jan 12 Charles Perrault a French author and member of the Académie française. He laid the foundations for a new literary genre, the fairy tale, with his works derived from pre-existing folk tales. The best known of his tales include Le Petit Chaperon rouge , Cendrillon , Le Chat Botté , La Belle au bois dormant and La Barbe bleue. Many of Perrault's stories, which were rewritten by the Brothers Grimm, continue to be printed and have been adapted to opera, ballet , theatre, and film. Perrault was an influential figure in the 17th-century French literary scene, and was the leader of the Modern faction during the Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns
Feb 25 Claire-Clémence de Maillé-Brézé a French noblewoman from the Brézé family and a niece of Cardinal Richelieu. She married Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé, known as Le Grand Condé , and became the mother of Henri Jules. She was Princess of Condé and Duchess of Fronsac
Mar 2 Cornelis Speelman Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1681 to 1684.
Mar 10 Marcello Malpighi an Italian physician and biologist regarded as the father of microscopical anatomy and histology. Malpighi gave his name to several physiological features related to the biological excretory system, such as the Malpighian corpuscles and Malpighian pyramids of the kidneys and the Malpighian tubule system of insects. The splenic lymphoid nodules are often called the "Malpighian bodies of the spleen" or Malpighian corpuscles
Mar 17 François Girardon a French sculptor.
Mar 24 Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg queen of Denmark and Norway as the consort of the King Frederick III of Denmark.
Apr 13 Peter Lambeck a German historian and librarian.
Apr 23 Johannes Hudde a burgomaster of Amsterdam between 1672 – 1703, a mathematician and governor of the Dutch East India Company.
May 8 Angelo Italia an Italian Jesuit and Baroque architect, who was born in Licata and died in Palermo.
May 15 Dominique Bouhours a French Jesuit priest, essayist, grammarian, and neo-classical critic. He was born and died in Paris
May 15 Carlo Cignani an Italian painter of the Bolognese and of the Forlivese school, active in the Baroque period.
May 17 Ferdinand Charles Archduke of Austria the Archduke of Further Austria, including the Tyrol, from 1646 to 1662.
May 24 Marek Sobieski (1628–1652) a Polish noble , starosta of Krasnystaw and Jaworów, older brother of King Jan III Sobieski of Poland. He graduated from Nowodworski College in Kraków and Kraków Academy, then traveled and studied in Western Europe. After returning to Poland in 1648 he fought against the Cossacks and Tatars at Zbaraż and Beresteczko. He was taken captive by Tatars in 1652 and then killed by Cossacks
Jun 30 Miguel de Molinos a Spanish mystic, the chief representative of the religious revival known as Quietism.
Jul 11 Tokugawa Mitsukuni a prominent daimyo who was known for his influence in the politics of the early Edo period. He was the third son of Tokugawa Yorifusa and succeeded him, becoming the second daimyo of the Mito domain
Aug 29 John Granville 1st Earl of Bath an English Royalist soldier and statesman during the Civil War who played a major role in the 1660 Restoration of the Monarchy and was later appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. He was the first in his family to adopt the modernised spelling as Granville of their ancient surname Grenville, which emphasised their ancient 11th century origin from the Normandy manor of Granville, Manche
Sep 23 David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl a Swedish nobleman and portrait painter.
Oct 24 Lucrezia Barberini an Italian noblewoman and, by marriage, Duchess of Modena. Born into the Barberini family, she was the last wife of Francesco I d'Este, Duke of Modena
Nov 28 John Bunyan an English Christian writer and preacher. He is the author of The Pilgrim's Progress, arguably the most famous published Christian allegory. In addition to The Pilgrim's Progress, Bunyan wrote nearly sixty titles, many of them expanded sermons
Dec 25 Noël Coypel a French painter, and was also called Coypel le Poussin, because he was heavily influenced by Poussin.