Died in 1639

Jan 20 Mustafa I the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1617 to 1618 and from 1622 to 1623.
Jan 24 Jörg Jenatsch a Swiss political leader during the Thirty Years' War. One of the most striking figures in the troubled history of the Grisons in the 17th century, he was probably born in Samedan
Jan 29 Antonio Álvarez de Toledo 5th Duke of Alba a Spanish nobleman and politician.
Feb 5 Augusta of Denmark the third daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark and Sophia of Mecklenburg-Güstrow, and Duchess of Holstein-Gottorp as the wife of Duke John Adolf. She was politically influential during the reign of her son, Duke Frederick III
Apr 1 Johann Philipp Duke of Saxe-Altenburg a duke of Saxe-Altenburg.
May 21 Tommaso Campanella an Italian philosopher, theologian, astrologer, and poet.
May 30 Patriarch Metrophanes of Alexandria a Greek monk and theologian who served as Greek Patriarch of Alexandria between 1636 and 1639.
Jun 1 Melchior Franck a German composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. He was a hugely prolific composer of Protestant church music, especially motets, and assisted in bringing the stylistic innovations of the Venetian School north across the Alps into Germany
Jul 18 Bernard of Saxe-Weimar a German prince and general in the Thirty Years' War.
Aug 4 Juan Ruiz de Alarcón born in New Spain.
Aug 6 Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger a Flemish-Danish architect who specialised in the Dutch Renaissance style, typical of prestigious Danish buildings from the first half of the 17th century. Along with his brother Lorenz van Steenwinckel he was responsible for most of King Christian IV's many ambitious building projects
Aug 20 Martin Opitz a German poet, regarded as the greatest of that nation during his lifetime.
Sep 20 Johannes Meursius a Dutch classical scholar and antiquary.
Oct 28 Stefano Landi an Italian composer and teacher of the early Baroque Roman School. He was an influential early composer of opera, and wrote the earliest opera on a historical subject: Sant'Alessio
Nov 3 Martin de Porres O.P. was a lay brother of the Dominican Order who was beatified in 1837 by Pope Gregory XVI and canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII. He is the patron saint of mixed-race people and all those seeking interracial harmony
Nov 7 Thomas Arundell 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour the eldest son of Sir Matthew Arundell of Wardour Castle in Wiltshire , and Margaret Willoughby, the daughter of Sir Henry Willoughby, of Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. He distinguished himself in battle against the Ottoman Turks in the service of the Emperor Rudolf II, and was created a Count of the Holy Roman Empire. His assumption of the title displeased Queen Elizabeth, who refused to recognize it, and imprisoned him in the Fleet. In 1605 Arundell was created 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour. In the same year he was briefly suspected of complicity in the Gunpowder Plot
Nov 26 John Spottiswoode an Archbishop of St Andrews, Primate of All Scotland and historian of Scotland.