Died in 1640

Jan 14 Thomas Coventry 1st Baron Coventry a prominent English lawyer, politician and judge during the early 17th century.
Jan 25 Robert Burton (scholar) an English scholar at Oxford University, best known for the classic The Anatomy of Melancholy. He was also the incumbent of St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford, and of Seagrave in Leicestershire
Jan 26 Jindrich Matyas Thurn a Bohemian nobleman, one of leaders of Protestant revolt against Emperor Ferdinand II and in events that led to the Thirty Years War, and in the end a military leader and diplomat in Swedish service, who eventually resided in Swedish Estonia.
Feb 9 Murad IV the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1623 to 1640, known both for restoring the authority of the state and for the brutality of his methods. Murad IV was born in Constantinople, the son of Sultan Ahmed I and the ethnic Greek Valide Kösem Sultan. Brought to power by a palace conspiracy in 1623, he succeeded his uncle Mustafa He was only 11 when he took the throne
Feb 12 Michael Altenburg a German theologian and composer.
Mar 13 Isaac Manasses de Pas Marquis de Feuquieres a French soldier.
Mar 17 Philip Massinger an English dramatist. His finely plotted plays, including A New Way to Pay Old Debts, The City Madam and The Roman Actor, are noted for their satire and realism, and their political and social themes
Mar 22 Thomas Carew an English poet, among the 'Cavalier' group of Caroline poets.
Apr 1 Paul Fleming (poet) a German physician and poet.
Apr 2 Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski Europe's most prominent Latin poet of the 17th century, and a renowned theoretician of poetics.
Apr 10 Agostino Agazzari an Italian composer and music theorist.
Apr 16 Countess Charlotte Flandrina of Nassau the fourth daughter of William the Silent and his third spouse Charlotte of Bourbon.
Apr 20 Wilhelm Kettler the second Duke of Courland, a region of Latvia. Wilhelm ruled the western Courland portion of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia while his brother Friedrich ruled the eastern Semigallia portion
May 30 Peter Paul Rubens a Flemish Baroque painter, and a proponent of an extravagant Baroque style that emphasized movement, colour, and sensuality. He is well known for his Counter-Reformation altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects
May 30 André Duchesne a French geographer and historian, generally styled the father of French history.
Jun 3 Theophilus Howard 2nd Earl of Suffolk an English nobleman and politician.
Jul 3 Giuseppe Cesari an Italian Mannerist painter, also named Il Giuseppino and called Cavaliere d'Arpino, because he was created Cavaliere di Cristo by his patron Pope Clement VIII. He was much patronized in Rome by both Clement and Sixtus He was the chief of the studio in which Caravaggio trained upon the younger painter's arrival in Rome
Jul 25 Fabio Colonna an Italian naturalist and botanist.
Aug 28 Rafajil Korsak the Metropolitan of Kiev, Galicia and Russia of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church from 1637 to his death in 1640.
Sep 12 William Alexander 1st Earl of Stirling a Scottish courtier and poet who was involved in the Scottish colonisation of Port Royal, Nova Scotia and Long Island, New York. His literary works include Aurora , The Monarchick Tragedies and Doomes-Day
Sep 30 Charles Duke of Guise the son of Henry I, Duke of Guise and Catherine of Cleves.
Oct 1 Claudio Achillini an Italian philosopher, theologian, mathematician, poet, and jurist.
Oct 20 John Ball (Puritan) an English puritan divine.
Nov 19 Krzysztof Radziwiłł a Polish-Lithuanian noble , and a notable magnate, politician and military commander of his epoch. Sometimes referred to as Krzysztof Radziwiłł II, to distinguish him from his father, Krzysztof Mikołaj 'Piorun' Radziwłł
Dec 1 George William Elector of Brandenburg margrave and elector of Brandenburg and duke of Prussia from 1619 until his death. His reign was marked by ineffective governance during the Thirty Years' War. He was the father of Frederick William, the "Great Elector"
Dec 30 John Francis Regis a French priest of the Society of Jesus, recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. His feast day is 16 June