Born in 1645

Feb 9 Johann Aegidius Bach organist, violist, and municipal orchestra director of Erfurt, Germany. He was Johann Sebastian Bach's uncle, Johannes Bach's son, and the father of composer Johann Bernhard Bach. He was a viola player and performer in the Stadtmusikanten Kompagnie in Erfurt. He was organist at the Kaufmannskirche and the Michaeliskirche; on 30 June 1682 he was named the director of the Ratsmusik
Feb 22 Johann Christoph Bach (1645–93) a German musician of the Baroque period.
Mar 4 Johann Ambrosius Bach a German musician, father to Johann Sebastian Bach.
Apr 22 Christine of Baden-Durlach a German noblewoman.
May 15 George Jeffreys 1st Baron Jeffreys a Welsh judge. He became notable during the reign of King James II, rising to the position of Lord Chancellor. His conduct as a judge was to enforce royal policy, resulting in a historical reputation for severity and bias
May 22 Charles Louis Simonneau a French engraver.
Jun 15 Sidney Godolphin 1st Earl of Godolphin a leading British politician of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. He was a Privy Councillor and Secretary of State for the Northern Department before attaining real power as First Lord of the Treasury. He was instrumental in negotiating and passing the Acts of Union 1707 with Scotland, which created the Kingdom of Great Britain
Jul 28 Marguerite Louise d'Orléans Grand Duchess of Tuscany, as the wife of Grand Duke Cosimo III de' Medici. Deprived of her lover, Charles V of Lorraine, and yearning for France, Marguerite Louise despised her husband and his family, whom she often quarrelled with and falsely suspected of attempting to poison her. Marguerite Louise reconciled with the Medici on more than one occasion, however, only to promptly resume hostilities
Aug 10 Eusebio Kino now a part of northern Italy. For the last 24 years of his life he worked in the region then known as the Pimería Alta, modern-day Sonora in Mexico and southern Arizona in the United States. He explored the region and worked with the indigenous Native American population, including primarily the Sobaipuri and other Upper Piman groups. He proved that Baja California is not an island by leading an overland expedition there. By the time of his death he had established 24 missions and visitas
Aug 16 Jean de La Bruyère a French philosopher and moralist.
Sep 21 Louis Jolliet a French Canadian explorer known for his discoveries in North America. Jolliet and Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette, a Catholic priest and missionary, were the first non-Natives to explore and map much of the Mississippi River in 1673
Oct 7 Bernard Desjean Baron de Pointis a French admiral and privateer.
Oct 26 Aert de Gelder a Dutch painter.
Nov 17 Nicolas Lemery born at Rouen. He was one of the first to develop theories on acid-base chemistry
Nov 30 Andreas Werckmeister an organist, music theorist, and composer of the Baroque era.
Dec 24 Hans Carl von Carlowitz a German tax accountant and mining administrator. His book Sylvicultura oeconomica, oder haußwirthliche Nachricht und Naturmäßige Anweisung zur wilden Baum-Zucht was the first comprehensive treatise about forestry. He is considered to be the father of sustainable yield forestry