Died in 1645

Jan 10 William Laud an English churchman and academic, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633, during the personal rule of Charles Arrested in 1640, he was executed in 1645.
Jan 27 Takuan Sōhō a major figure in the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism.
Feb 10 Dorothea Sophia Abbess of Quedlinburg Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg.
Feb 16 Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba (1585–1645) a Spanish military leader during the Eighty Years' War, Thirty Years' War and the War of the Mantuan Succession.
Feb 24 Krzysztof Ossoliński a Polish-Lithuanian szlachcic.
Mar 15 Johan Skytte a Swedish politician.
Apr 16 Tobias Hume a Scottish composer, viol player and soldier.
Apr 19 Anthony van Diemen a Dutch colonial governor.
Jun 13 Miyamoto Musashi an expert Japanese swordsman and rōnin. Musashi, as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age. He was the founder of the Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū or Niten-ryū style of swordsmanship and the author of The Book of Five Rings , a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today
Jul 12 Michael I of Russia the first Russian Tsar of the house of Romanov. He was the son of Feodor Nikitich Romanov and Xenia. His reign marked the end of the Time of Troubles
Jul 17 Robert Carr 1st Earl of Somerset a politician, and favourite of King James I of England.
Jul 22 Gaspar de Guzmán Count-Duke of Olivares a Spanish royal favourite of Philip IV and minister. As prime minister from 1621 to 1643, he over-exerted Spain in foreign affairs and unsuccessfully attempted domestic reform. His policies of committing Spain to recapture Holland led to his major involvement in the Thirty Years' War and his attempts to centralise power and increase wartime taxation led to revolts in Catalonia and in Portugal, which brought about his downfall
Aug 6 Lionel Cranfield 1st Earl of Middlesex an English merchant and politician. He sat in the House of Commons between 1614 and 1622 when he was raised to the peerage as Baron Cranfield
Aug 18 Eudoxia Streshneva the second wife of Tsar Mikhail. She was a daughter of a nobleman Lukyan Stepanovich Streshnyov from Mozhaysk, who died in 1630, and his wife Anna Konstantinovna Volkonskaya
Aug 28 Hugo Grotius a jurist in the Dutch Republic. With Francisco de Vitoria and Alberico Gentili he laid the foundations for international law, based on natural law. He was also a philosopher, theologian, Christian apologist, playwright, historiographer, poet, statesman and diplomat
Aug 31 Francesco Bracciolini an Italian poet.
Sep 8 Francisco de Quevedo a Spanish nobleman, politician and writer of the Baroque era. Along with his lifelong rival, Luis de Góngora, Quevedo was one of the most prominent Spanish poets of the age. His style is characterized by what was called conceptismo. This style existed in stark contrast to Góngora's culteranismo
Sep 24 William Lawes an English composer and musician.
Dec 28 Gaspar de Borja y Velasco a Spanish cardinal, ecclesiastic and politician. He belonged to the house of Borgia and served as Primate of Spain, Archbishop of Seville, Archbishop of Toledo and viceroy of Naples