Died in 1647

Jan 2 Zhang Xianzhong a leader of a peasant revolt from Yan'an, Shaanxi Province and he later conquered Sichuan in the 17th century. His rule in Sichuan was brief and he was killed by the invading Manchu army. He is commonly associated with the massacres in Sichuan which depopulated the region, however the extent of his killings is disputed
Jan 29 Francis Meres an English churchman and author.
Feb 17 Johann Heermann a German poet and hymn-writer. He is commemorated in the Calendar of Saints of the Lutheran Church on 26 October with Philipp Nicolai and Paul Gerhardt
Mar 14 Frederick Henry Prince of Orange the sovereign Prince of Orange and stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, and Overijssel from 1625 to 1647.
May 19 Sebastian Vrancx a Flemish Baroque painter and etcher of the Antwerp school.
May 21 Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft a Dutch historian, poet and playwright from the period known as the Dutch Golden Age.
May 26 Alse Young the first recorded instance of execution for witchcraft in the thirteen American colonies.
Jun 12 Thomas Farnaby an English schoolmaster and scholar.
Jul 7 Thomas Hooker a prominent Puritan colonial leader, who founded the Colony of Connecticut after dissenting with Puritan leaders in Massachusetts. He was known as an outstanding speaker and a leader of universal Christian suffrage
Jul 16 Masaniello an Italian fisherman, who became leader of the revolt against the rule of Habsburg Spain in Naples in 1647.
Aug 12 Matthew Hopkins an English witch-hunter whose career flourished during the time of the English Civil War. He claimed to hold the office of Witchfinder General, although that title was never bestowed by Parliament. His witch-hunts mainly took place in the eastern counties of Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, and occasionally in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Huntingdonshire
Aug 24 Nicholas Stone an English sculptor and architect. In 1619 he was appointed master-mason to James I, and in 1626 to Charles I
Aug 27 Pietro Novelli an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Palermo. Also known as il Monrealese or Pietro "Malta" Novelli to distinguish him from his father, Pietro Antonio Novelli. He was also nicknamed by contemporaries as the Raphael of Sicily
Sep 18 Pietro Carrera chess player, historian, priest and Italian author, born in Sicily, in Militello in Val di Catania , located in the Valley of Noto; here he grew up in the old colony of San Vito. He was born on July 12, 1573, he was the son of Donna Antonia Severino and Mariano Carrera, a traditional craftsman who entered the priesthood after his wife's death. During his studies in the Seminario Diocesiano of Siracusa, he had the opportunity to visit many different Sicilian cities. As a result of his travels he met Paolo Boi, so-called "The Siracusan", in the town of Palermo during 1597
Sep 27 Willem Kieft a Dutch merchant and director of New Netherland , from 1638 until 1647.
Oct 8 Christen Sørensen Longomontanus a Danish astronomer.
Oct 25 Evangelista Torricelli also known for his advances in optics.
Oct 28 Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera 4th Count of Chinchón a Spanish nobleman and captain general and viceroy of Peru, from January 14, 1629 to December 18, 1639. His wife, Ana de Osorio , is credited as being one of the first Europeans to be treated with quinine, and as the person who introduced that medicine into Europe
Nov 3 Pedro Fajardo 5th Marquis of Los Vélez a Spanish soldier and aristocrat notable for his command of Spanish forces during the Catalan Revolt after 1640. He was Viceroy of Valencia, 1631–1635, Viceroy of Navarre, 1638–1640, Viceroy of Catalonia, 1640–1642, Spanish Ambassador to Rome, and Viceroy of Sicily, 1644-1647
Nov 30 Bonaventura Cavalieri an Italian mathematician. He is known for his work on the problems of optics and motion, work on indivisibles, the precursors of infinitesimal calculus, and the introduction of logarithms to Italy. Cavalieri's principle in geometry partially anticipated integral calculus
Nov 30 Giovanni Lanfranco an Italian painter of the Baroque period.
Dec 31 Giovanni Maria Trabaci an Italian composer and organist. He was a prolific composer, with some 300 surviving works preserved in more than 10 publications; he was especially important for his keyboard music