1648 events in history

Jan 17 England's Long Parliament passes the "Vote of No Addresses", breaking off negotiations with King Charles I and thereby setting the scene for the second phase of the English Civil War
Jan 30 Eighty Years' War: The Treaty of Münster and Osnabrück is signed, ending the conflict between the Netherlands and Spain
May 13 Construction of the Red Fort at Delhi is completed
May 15 The Treaty of Westphalia is signed
Jun 1 The Roundheads defeat the Cavaliers at the Battle of Maidstone in the Second English Civil War
Jun 15 Margaret Jones is hanged in Boston for witchcraft in the first such execution for the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Aug 28 Siege of Colchester ended when Royalists Forces surrender to the Parliamentary Forces after eleven weeks, during the English Civil War
Oct 18 Boston Shoemakers form first American labor organization
Oct 24 The Peace of Westphalia is signed, marking the end of the Thirty Years' War
Dec 6 Colonel Thomas Pride of the New Model Army purges the Long Parliament of MPs sympathetic to King Charles I of England, in order for the King's trial to go ahead; came to be known as "Pride's Purge"