Died in 1651

Jan 17 Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger a German-Italian virtuoso performer and composer of the early Baroque period. A prolific and highly original composer, Kapsberger is chiefly remembered today for his lute, theorbo and chitarrone music, which was seminal in the development of these as solo instruments
Jan 27 Abraham Bloemaert a Dutch painter and printmaker in etching and engraving. He was one of the "Haarlem Mannerists" from about 1585, but in the new century altered his style to fit new Baroque trends. He mostly painted history subjects and some landscapes
Feb 6 Erdmann August of Brandenburg-Bayreuth a member of the House of Hohenzollern and Hereditary Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.
Mar 11 Alvise Contarini (diplomat) a patrician and diplomat of the Republic of Venice.
Apr 7 Lennart Torstensson a Swedish Field Marshal and military engineer.
May 9 Cornelis de Vos a Flemish Baroque painter best known for his portraiture.
Jun 8 Tokugawa Iemitsu the third shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty. He was the eldest son of Tokugawa Hidetada, and the grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Iemitsu ruled from 1623 to 1651
Jun 17 Francesco Piccolomini (Jesuit) Very Rev. Francesco Piccolomini, S.J. was an Italian Jesuit, elected the 8th Superior-General of the Society of Jesus
Jul 26 Hendrik van der Borcht the elder a Flemish engraver and still life painter of flowers and fruit, who was mainly active in Germany.
Aug 20 Jeremi Wiśniowiecki a notable member of the aristocracy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Prince of Wiśniowiec, Łubnie and Chorol in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the father of the future King of Poland, Michael I.
Aug 27 Jacob Adriaensz Backer a Dutch Golden Age painter. He produced about 140 paintings in twenty years, including portraits, religious subjects, and mythological paintings. In his style he was influenced by Wybrand de Geest, Rubens and Abraham Bloemaert. He is also noted for his drawings of male and female nudes
Sep 3 Giovanni Giacomo Panciroli an Italian Catholic Cardinal and Cardinal Secretary of State.
Sep 3 Kösem Sultan one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history. Favourite consort and later wife of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I , she achieved power and influenced the politics of the Ottoman Empire through her husband Sultan Ahmed I , then through her sons Murad IV and Ibrahim , and finally through her minor grandson Mehmed She was Valide Sultan from 1623 to 1648, when her sons Murad IV and Ibrahim reigned as Ottoman sultans. She was a prominent figure during the Sultanate of Women. She was official regent twice and was thereby one of two women to have been formal regents of the Ottoman Empire
Sep 12 William Hamilton 2nd Duke of Hamilton a Scottish nobleman who supported both Royalist and Presbyterian causes during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.
Sep 27 Maximilian I Elector of Bavaria a Wittelsbach ruler of Bavaria and a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire. His reign was marked by the Thirty Years' War
Oct 6 Heinrich Albert (composer) a German composer and poet of the 17th century. He was a member of the Königsberg Poetic Society. As a song composer, he was strongly influenced by Heinrich Schütz
Oct 15 James Stanley 7th Earl of Derby a supporter of the Royalist cause in the English Civil War. Before inheriting the title in 1642 he was known as Lord Strange. In the Isle of Man, as Lord of Mann, he was known as "Yn Stanlagh Mooar"
Oct 28 Job of Pochayiv a Ukrainian Orthodox monk and Eastern Orthodox saint.
Nov 20 Mikołaj Potocki a Polish nobleman, magnate and Field Crown Hetman of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1637 to 1646, Grand Hetman of the Crown from 1646 to 1651, voivode of Bracław Voivodeship from 1636, from 1646 Castellan of Kraków.
Nov 26 Henry Ireton an English general in the Parliamentary army during the English Civil War. He was the son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell
Nov 28 Ajige a prince and general of the Qing Dynasty. He was born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan as the 12th son of Nurhaci, khan of the Later Jin Dynasty
Dec 14 Pierre Dupuy (scholar) a French scholar, the son of the humanist and bibliophile Claude Dupuy.
Dec 15 Virginia Centurione Bracelli a saint in the Roman Catholic Church from Genoa, Italy.
Dec 18 Francisco de Melo a Portuguese nobleman and general.