Died in 1653

Feb 16 Johannes Schultz (composer) a German composer.
Feb 20 Luigi Rossi an Italian Baroque composer. Rossi was born in Torremaggiore, a small town near Foggia, in the ancient kingdom of Naples and at an early age he went to Naples. There he studied music with the Franco-Flemish composer Jean de Macque who was organist of the Santa Casa dell’Annunziata and maestro di cappella to the Spanish viceroy. Rossi later entered the service of the Caetani, dukes of Traetta
Mar 13 Johan van Galen a Commodore of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands.
Mar 13 Simon de Vlieger a Dutch designer, draughtsman, and painter, most famous for his marine paintings.
Mar 20 Wolfgang Wilhelm Count Palatine of Neuburg a German Prince. He was Count palatine of Neuburg and Duke of Jülich and Berg
Mar 30 Mikołaj Łęczycki a Polish Jesuit, Catholic theologian, writer and mystic.
Apr 20 Celestyn Myślenta a Polish Lutheran theologian and rector of the University of Königsberg. Celestyn was the son of Mateusz Myślenta and Eufroza née Wiercinska. His father was once employed by Duke Radziwill and belonged to the Polish nobility. As a stipendiary of the duke of Prussia he studied at University Königsberg, then became Lutheran pastor in Kuty from 1581-1599
May 13 Teodósio Prince of Brazil the heir-apparent son of John IV of Portugal and his wife Luisa de Guzmán. In 1645 he was given the title of Prince of Brazil, a new crown-princely position thus created. Also, his father granted him the duchy as 10th Duke of Braganza, presumably after his uncle Duarte died in 1649
May 26 Robert Filmer an English political theorist who defended the divine right of kings. His best known work, Patriarcha, published posthumously in 1680, was the target of numerous Whig attempts at rebuttal, including Algernon Sidney's Discourses Concerning Government, James Tyrrell's Patriarcha Non Monarcha and John Locke's Two Treatises of Government. Filmer also wrote critiques of Thomas Hobbes, John Milton, Hugo Grotius and Aristotle
Jul 10 Gabriel Naudé a French librarian and scholar. He was a prolific writer who produced works on many subjects including politics, religion, history and the supernatural. An influential work on library science was the 1627 book Advice on Establishing a Library. Naudé was later able to put into practice all the ideas he put forth in Advice, when he was given the opportunity to build and maintain the library of Cardinal Jules Mazarin
Jul 31 Thomas Dudley a colonial magistrate who served several terms as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Dudley was the chief founder of Newtowne, later Cambridge, Massachusetts, and built the town's first home. He provided land and funds to establish the Roxbury Latin School, and signed Harvard College's new charter during his 1650 term as governor. Dudley was a devout Puritan who was opposed to religious views not conforming with his. In this he was more rigid than other early Massachusetts leaders like John Winthrop, but less confrontational than John Endecott
Aug 10 Maarten Tromp an officer and later admiral in the Dutch navy. His first name is also spelled as Maerten
Aug 22 Augustus Prince of Anhalt-Plötzkau a German prince of the House of Ascania and ruler of the unified principality of Anhalt. From 1603, he was ruler of the principality of Anhalt-Plötzkau
Sep 3 Claudius Salmasius the Latin name of Claude Saumaise , a French classical scholar.
Sep 15 Tymofiy Khmelnytsky the eldest son of Cossack hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
Sep 23 Jacques Goar a French Dominican and Hellenist.
Oct 3 Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn a Dutch scholar. Born in Bergen op Zoom, he was professor at the University of Leiden. He discovered the similarity among Indo-European languages, and supposed the existence of a primitive common language which he called 'Scythian'. He included in his hypothesis Greek, Latin, Persian, Turkish, and Germanic languages, later adding Slavic, Celtic and Baltic languages. He excluded such languages as Hebrew from his hypothesis
Oct 7 Fausto Poli a Roman Catholic prelate and Cardinal.
Oct 16 Jan Wildens a Flemish Baroque painter and draughtsman specializing in landscapes.
Oct 25 Théophraste Renaudot a French physician, philanthropist, and journalist. Mark Tungate has termed him the "first French journalist" and the "inventor of the personal ad"