Died in 1655

Jan 7 Pope Innocent X pope from 15 September 1644 to his death in 1655.
Feb 25 Daniel Heinsius one of the most famous scholars of the Dutch Renaissance.
Feb 27 Francesco Molin the 99th Doge of Venice, reigning from his election on January 20, 1646 until his death. Molin's reign is notable because of Venice's participation in a prolonged war with the Ottoman Empire over Crete; this war was begun during the reign of Molin's predecessor Francesco Erizzo, and dragged on until 1669. To fund the cost of this war, Molin sold access to the Venetian patriciate at a cost of 100,000 ducats per person
Mar 28 Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg a German princess and queen consort of Sweden.
Mar 30 James Stewart 1st Duke of Richmond a Scottish nobleman. He was the eldest son of Esmé Stewart, 3rd Duke of Lennox and his wife Katherine Clifton, 2nd Baroness Clifton
Apr 6 David Blondel a French Protestant clergyman, historian and classical scholar.
Apr 29 Cornelis Schut a Flemish Baroque painter, draughtsman and engraver active in Italy and Antwerp.
Apr 30 Eustache Le Sueur born in Paris, where he passed his whole life.
May 9 Karol Ferdynand Vasa Prince-Bishop of Breslau/Wrocław from 1625, bishop of Płock from 1640 and Duke of Oppeln Opole from 1648 to 1655.
May 30 Christian Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth a member of the House of Hohenzollern and Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach.
Jun 11 Jirgalang a Manchu noble, regent, and political and military leader of the early Qing dynasty. Born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, he was the sixth son of Šurhaci, a younger brother of Qing founder Nurhaci. From 1638 to 1643, he took part in many military campaigns that helped bring down the fall of the Ming dynasty. After the death of Hong Taiji in September 1643, Jirgalang became one of the young Shunzhi Emperor's two co-regents, but he soon yielded most political power to co-regent Dorgon in October 1644. Dorgon eventually purged him of his regent title in 1647. After Dorgon died in 1650, Jirgalang led an effort to clean the government of Dorgon's supporters. Jirgalang was one of ten "Princes of the First Rank" whose descendants were made "Iron-cap Princes" , who had the right to transmit their princely titles to their direct male descendants perpetually
Jun 26 Margaret of Savoy Vicereine of Portugal the last Spanish Vicereine of Portugal. In Portuguese she is known as Duquesa de Mântua, being by marriage the Duchess of Mantua and Montferrat
Jul 15 Girolamo Rainaldi an Italian architect who worked mainly in a conservative Mannerist style, often with collaborating architects. He was a successful competitor of Bernini. His son, Carlo Rainaldi, became an even more notable, more fully Baroque architect
Jul 24 Friedrich von Logau a German poet and epigrammatist of the Baroque era.
Jul 28 Cyrano de Bergerac a French dramatist and duelist. In fictional works about his life he is featured with an overly large nose, which people would travel from miles around to see. Portraits suggest that he did have a big nose, though not nearly as large as described in works about him. Cyrano's work furnished models and ideas for subsequent writers
Jul 30 Sigmund Theophil Staden an important early German composer.
Aug 10 Alfonso de la Cueva 1st Marquis of Bedmar a Spanish diplomat, bishop and Roman cardinal. He was born in Bedmar, in what is now the province of Jaén. Alfonso was the son of Luis de la Cueva-Benavides, 2nd señor of Bedmar, and Elvira Carrillo de Mendoza y Cárdenas
Aug 31 Ole Worm a Danish physician and antiquary.
Sep 7 François Tristan l'Hermite a French dramatist who wrote under the name Tristan l'Hermite. He was born at the Château de Soliers in the Haute Marche
Oct 16 Joseph Solomon Delmedigo a rabbi, author, physician, mathematician, and music theorist.
Oct 24 Pierre Gassendi a French philosopher, priest, scientist, astronomer, and mathematician. While he held a church position in south-east France, he also spent much time in Paris, where he was a leader of a group of free-thinking intellectuals. He was also an active observational scientist, publishing the first data on the transit of Mercury in 1631. The lunar crater Gassendi is named after him
Nov 9 Hansken a female elephant that became famous in early 17th-century Europe. She toured many countries, demonstrating circus tricks, and was sketched by Rembrandt and Stefano della Bella
Dec 6 Krzysztof Opaliński a Polish noble , politician, writer and satirist, Voivode of Poznań and starosta kowelski, śremski, osiecki, międzyłęski.
Dec 17 Ukita Hideie the daimyo of Bizen and Mimasaka provinces , and one of the council of Five Elders appointed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Son of Ukita Naoie, he married Gohime, a daughter of Maeda Toshiie. Having fought against Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Battle of Sekigahara he was exiled to the island prison of Hachijōjima, where he died
Dec 31 Janusz Radziwiłł (1612–55) a notable Polish noble and magnate. Throughout his life he occupied a number of posts in the state administration, including that of Court Chamberlain of Lithuania and Field Hetman of Lithuania. He was also a voivode of Vilna Voivodeship, as well as a starost of Samogitia, Kamieniec, Kazimierz and Sejwy