Born in 1656

Mar 1 Maria Angela Caterina d'Este an Italian born Princess of Modena who was later the Princess of Carignano by marriage. She was the wife of Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy, Prince of Carignano. In France she was known as Angélique Catherine d'Este and in Modena and Savoy she was known as Maria Caterina d'Este. She is an ancestor of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy and thus the whole present pretending Italian Royal Family. She is also an ancestor of the pretender of France
Mar 2 Jan Frans van Douven a Southern Netherlandish portrait painter belonging to the Dutch Leyden School. Born in Roermond, he spent most of his life as Court painter in Düsseldorf, now in Germany, where he created most of his works
Mar 11 Marie Elisabeth of Hesse-Darmstadt the only Duchess by marriage of Saxe-Römhild.
Apr 5 Nikita Demidov a Russian industrialist who founded the Demidov industrial dynasty.
Apr 10 René Lepage de Sainte-Claire the lord-founder of the town of Rimouski, province of Quebec, in Canada.
May 4 John Louis I Prince of Anhalt-Dornburg a German prince of the House of Ascania and ruler of the principality of Anhalt-Dornburg.
May 28 Anton Florian Prince of Liechtenstein the Prince of Liechtenstein between 1718 and 1721.
May 31 Marin Marais a French composer and viol player. He studied composition with Jean-Baptiste Lully, often conducting his operas, and with master of the bass viol Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe for six months. He was hired as a musician in 1676 to the royal court of Versailles. He did quite well as court musician, and in 1679 was appointed ordinaire de la chambre du roy pour la viole, a title he kept until 1725
Jun 5 Joseph Pitton de Tournefort a French botanist, notable as the first to make a clear definition of the concept of genus for plants. The botanist Charles Plumier had been his pupil and accompanied him on his voyages
Jun 17 Paul Thymich a German poet.
Jul 4 John Leake an English flag officer and politician during the later seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Leake, a full admiral, served in the House of Commons from 1708 to 1715
Jul 20 Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach an Austrian architect, sculptor, and architectural historian whose Baroque architecture profoundly influenced and shaped the tastes of the Habsburg Empire. His influential book A Plan of Civil and Historical Architecture was one of the first and most popular comparative studies of world architecture. His major works include Schönbrunn Palace, Karlskirche, and the Austrian National Library in Vienna, and Schloss Klessheim, Holy Trinity Church, and the Collegiate Church in Salzburg
Jul 23 Guru Har Krishan the eighth of the ten Sikh Gurus. He became Guru on 7 October 1661, succeeding his father, Guru Har Rai. After his death, his granduncle Guru Tegh Bahadur became the next Guru of the Sikhs
Aug 6 Claude de Forbin a French naval commander. In 1685-1688 he was on a diplomatic mission to Siam. He became governor of Bangkok and a general in the Siamese army, and left Siam shortly before King Narai fell ill and was deposed by a Coup d'état
Sep 6 Guillaume Dubois a French cardinal and statesman.
Sep 11 Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark the Queen consort of Sweden as the spouse of King Charles XI of Sweden.
Sep 14 Thomas Baker (antiquarian) an English antiquarian.
Oct 10 Nicolas de Largillière a painter born in Paris, France.
Nov 3 Georg Reutter an Austrian organist, theorbo player and composer.
Nov 8 Edmond Halley best known for computing the orbit of the eponymous Halley's Comet. He was the second Astronomer Royal in Britain, succeeding John Flamsteed
Dec 11 Johann Michael Rottmayr an Austrian painter. He was the first notable baroque painter north of Italy