1660 events in history

Feb 13 With the death of Swedish King Charles X Gustav, the Swedish government begins to seek peace with Sweden's enemies in the Second Northern War – something that Charles had refused. As his son and successor on the throne, Charles XI, is only four years old, a regency rules Sweden until 1672
Mar 16 The Long Parliament of England is dissolved so as to prepare for the new Convention Parliament
Apr 4 Declaration of Breda by King Charles II of England
Apr 23 Treaty of Oliwa is established between Sweden and Poland
May 29 English Restoration: Charles II is restored to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland
Jun 1 Mary Dyer is hanged for defying a law banning Quakers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Oct 17 Nine regicides, the men who signed the death warrant of Charles I, are hanged, drawn and quartered
Nov 28 At Gresham College, twelve men, including Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, and Sir Robert Moray decide to found what is later known as the Royal Society
Dec 8 A woman (either Margaret Hughes or Anne Marshall) appears on an English public stage for the first time, in the role of Desdemona in a production of Shakespeare's play Othello
Dec 31 James II of England is named Duke of Normandy by Louis XIV of France